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Late Night Nachos

Nachos with cheese and guacamoleFor the past couple years, I’ve noticed a trend in my nightly cravings. Almost every night around 10:00 pm I get a big craving for Mexican food. Most of the time I crave, nachos, but burritos and enchiladas make the list occasionally as well. My husband, on the other hand, craves sweets this time of night. As I reach for my chips and salsa, he grabs a bowl of cereal. I’ve begun to wonder what it is that causes us to crave different things.

I did a little research and learned that when I crave salt, it could mean that my stress hormones are fluctuating because of extra stress in my life. It could also mean that I have a mineral deficiency from consuming a low-calcium diet. As I look at the past two years, I have switched my diet and my daily routine has been changed to add more stress to my life. Now that I have this information, my cravings make sense.

With this new information in mind, I now know there’s a physiological reason behind my late night nacho obsession. It’s not that I really want them, my body just needs more calcium and less stress. Now when I’m finishing up work late at night and I’ve got guacamole and tortilla chips on my mind, I can just eat a little calcium and take some deep breaths. If you experience food cravings like this, you may want to find out the real reasons behind them so you can gain more control over your body.


Tips for Keeping Thanksgiving Day Healthy

If you’ve been keeping up with my challenge to stay healthy this holiday season, then you’re already on the right track. You’ve burned a lot of extra calories over the last few weeks.  We all want to stay on track and watch what we eat, but we also want to enjoy our holiday with our family and friends.


Here are some tips I use to keep myself feeling full and on track, so I don’t eat too much of the bad stuff on Thanksgiving. This is just the beginning of the Holiday Season so let’s start off right and stay on track so our favorite jeans still fit by New Years Eve.


1-  Eat Breakfast. Don’t wake up and start cooking and forget to eat breakfast, otherwise you’ll be snacking right from the start. You’ll end up eating way more calories if you graze all day than if you start off right by eating a healthy breakfast


2- Drink water all day. Water doesn’t have any calories in it. So not only is water itself good for you but it will fill you up so you don’t eat other bad stuff.


3 – Cut the crap. Wherever possible cut the butter, oil, or sugar out or at least down.  Over the next few days, I’ll post some of my favorite recipes that make our traditional recipes healthier


4 – Pay attention to portions. If you know you’re going to want to try a little of everything, take a very small portion of everything especially if it’s the unhealthy stuff.


5 – Eat the healthy foods first. Fill up on the healthy stuff


6 – Dip your fork in salad dressing rather than pouring it all over your salad.


7 – Eat the healthy foods first . fill up on the healthy stuff and then have a taste of the small stuff

What are some of the tricks you do to keep your calories down on Thanksgiving? Leave me a comment and share them with us.

Hi, I’m Erin

Erin & ChadI’m Erin… I work for Diet Tools, I personal train from my home and at our local YMCA (a few hours a week), and I teach Boot Camps at local elementary schools for teachers.

I love my life… my husband, Chad owns his own business and works from home most of the time. We’ve struggled to get our businesses going, but it’s all been worth it. Chad and I both work from home most of the time, so we get to spend most of our days together.  We get to share parenting responsibilities and work around the house. We’ve been married almost 14 years. Chad is my best friend, and I’m grateful to be able to spend my life with him.

We have 4 kids– Brooke 12, Mikey 10, Andrew 7, and Kate 4. We wish we could freeze our kids at these ages. This is  THE GREATEST time in my life, I’m trying to soak up and enjoy EVERY moment of our precious kids’ childhoods. I’m trying to be the best mom I can possibly be. I mess up plenty of the times, and my kids are very good at letting me know when I do :) My biggest goal in life is to raise kind, confident, responsible children, who know they are LOVED and cherished.

I’ve always loved friends. I’m an introvert so I’m not always super comfortable in crowds or even with more than 3 people in the room. But, I absolutely LOVE one on one time with anyone, getting to know their hearts, what they think, and how they feel.  I love to talk and listen and get to know people one on one (this is why I love to personal train).

Erins Family

I wanted to be a personal trainer my entire life. I just knew I would love it. As an 11 year old kid I loved to workout.  I’d get anyone and everyone I could to come to my house and we’d have a workout party in my backyard watching my mom’s Jane Fonda tapes. Fitness has been a lifelong passion for me. I love training people and helping them hit their goals. I especially appreciate the friendships I’ve made through personal training.

I’ve been running since I was a little girl. My dad is a runner; he is FAST! I ran with my Dad most of my childhood. I LOVE running with my Dad. Spending time with my Dad running, especially as a teenager, gave me such a special bond with him. Now I try to run with Chad and my kids anytime I can get them to go with me.

My Mom is a swimmer. She gave me the confidence I needed to try out for the swim team when I was in 8th grade. This was where I met some of my best friends, and had the greatest Coach anyone could ever imagine. I love to swim, I hate getting in the water, but I LOVE to swim once I get myself in the water.

I own a business called Fit Girls Fusion. I teach boot camps for elementary school teachers. I show up at their schools when school is finished for the day and we workout. Their workout buddies are their fellow teachers, and we have a great time working out after long day of teaching all of the kiddos. I LOVE these ladies, they work so hard.

I have a full busy life, that I absolutely love. Follow my blog, as we talk about fitness, diet, and everyday life!