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Colorful Meal Photo Contest

Did you know that the most vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables have the most nutrition?

Well they do! A colorful plate of fruits and vegetables is packed with vitamins and minerals and the stuff a strong body is made of! AND because it’s summer, there are tons of fruits and vegetables on sale making it soooo easy to be colorful. Might I add that kids are drawn to colorful things:)

So here is a brief guide to the nutrients found in different colored fruits & veggies (this list is not comprehensive):

Red, Blue, & Purple give plenty of antioxidants.
Orange & Yellow are rich in vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, and bromelaine.
Green is a calcium booster with lots of vitamin A & K.
White gives you vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, vitamin b12, and niacin.

Here is the contest! Join the DT Weekly Challenge Group. As you eat colorful things this week, post pictures of your most colorful meals (post as many as you want) on the group wall! Then get your friends and family to like your photos! The photo with the most likes will win $50!

On JUNE 13, 2014 we’ll tally the likes and message the winner (…to find out where to send prize money)! Look for the winning photo to be Announced June 16th!


Stay Healthy AND Sane with your Kids this Summer

Happy family on vacation in mountains, hikingAs June begins to approach, and the school year starts drawing to a close, a large percentage of parents experience anxiety knowing that someday soon their kids will be home all day and they will have to keep them busy for almost three months straight. There will probably be a family reunion to attend to, maybe one or two camping trips to go on, and if you’re lucky, a family vacation that includes flights and hotels, but the rest of the time is open and needs to  be filled with something. So, how exactly are you going to fill those remaining days and hours?

Unless you want to spend a good portion of your summer pulling your hair out as your child tells you for the millionth time, “I’m bored,” you better start making a plan now that will keep them happy and busy so you can actually enjoy your summer. I have come up with a system that’s worked well for my family, and hopefully it will work well for yours. I spend the good part of a day researching all the free or inexpensive library events, festivals, community events and movie theater promotions that I can find near my home. I make a large list of these and put them on a 3 month summer calendar so that each week I know which free events I can take my kids to.

I also research all the places to swim for free (rivers, lakes, beaches) and make a list of these, including how far away they are. The more places we can be near water during the hot weather, the better! Lastly, I look up other active places we could visit, like hikes, bike rides, trails, etc. and make a list of these. When all is said and done, I have a massive list of all the things we could do on daily/weekly basis so that we’re never bored. Each day we check out the list and decide what we want to do. On the days that have no specific event listed, we look at the generic list of places to swim, or active things to do, and select one of them.

Yes, it does take a while to compile your lists, but when summer hits and your kids are home all day, you’ll be SO grateful you did. All summer long you can stay active and healthy, and avoid the summer boredom we all dread. Happy summer!

New Lunch Ideas: Bagel Mania!

Bagel with fresh cheese and fresh lettuceThe last few months I’ve been struggling to find something good and healthy to eat at lunch time. I used to have lots of leftovers to choose from, but lately, with the weather getting warmer, I tend to make smaller meals. So, each day I find myself looking blankly into my fridge hoping desperately some magically delicious and healthy food will appear before my eyes.

Well, this week I finally gave in and decided I needed to come up with a solution once and for all. I got online to look up possible healthy lunch ideas and I struck gold. There are about a million great ideas for bagel sandwiches and wraps that would be awesome for lunches. I quickly found 4 or 5 different ones that looked good to me and wrote down different combinations I could try. I bought all the ingredients at the store and now I am set. When lunch time rolls around I can make a bagel sandwich with arugula, cream cheese, tomatoes and radishes, or one with hummus, bell peppers, tomatoes and fresh basil.

If you struggle with the same problem, give bagel sandwiches or wraps a try, or come up with something else you really like to eat. By finding several different combinations you can do with a single item, you never get tired of eating the same things day in and day out.

Sweaty Swim Challenge – Fitness Challenge #5

Sweaty Swim Challenge


This week is a pool challenge that will both get your heart rate pumping and hit your fun bone.

To get the workout, simply visit our 5 Water Exercise Aerobic Workout. You can do this one by yourself or with friends or with your family. Make it a competition to see who can go the longest.

If you get bored with this workout, then try on of our other Swimming Pool Workouts.

You can also join our Facebook Group to see what others have been doing.

Upset Fruit Basket – Diet Challenge #5

The diet challenge for this week is to add an extra serving of fruit to your diet each day.

If you normally have 1 or 2 servings of fruit then this week make it 2 or 3. If you have 4 or 5 servings, then up it to 5 or 6. Not too difficult, right?

If you are in need of some fruit recipes then check out our pinterest boards and the DietTools Recipe page. Check in with our facebook group frequently this week to get some good ideas from other members


Upset Fruit Basket



Dare You to Yoga!

Young pregnant woman doing yoga execisesI issue a dare to all men and women who think yoga is easy to try one 60 minute yoga class or even a yoga YouTube video and see if you last.

It’s difficult! I tried a prenatal yoga class for the first time last week and it kicked my butt! I’ll admit that I didn’t make it the entire hour before I had to take a break and jump to the end where you relax your body lying on the floor.

I’m hoping that in a few weeks, I’ll be able to make it the entire hour!

Because I’m in my third trimester, I get to do a very modified version of each pose often sitting on a chair or using it for balance. It did feel good to stretch my muscles and work on my posture which has been neglected.

I found a great prenatal yoga video at the library which shows modified positions for each trimester. At the end of the video there is even a section on prenatal massage . . .for you partner to learn to help you relax! Awwww!

The DVD is called Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea. I borrowed the 2000 version, but there is a newer version available as well.

Workout While the Kids Swim

Workout While the Kids SwimOne of my girlfriends and I workout three times a week, and as the temperature is starting to rise, the desire to workout is going down. We were talking this week and had a brilliant idea. Why not workout while the kids swim? During the summer kids want to be in the pool all the time, so why not take advantage of this and workout while they’re occupied? I know, sometimes we even impress ourselves!

This morning we did our first pool workout and it went great! Yes, the water was a little cold, and we did have to maneuver around kids more than once, but we were able to do a 30 minute workout that included exercises for our upper body, lower body and core. We used water noodles to help us swim with just our arms, or just our legs. We used the edge of the pool for sit ups and push ups. My friend even took a picture of me doing the pool side sit ups. We also did several laps swimming with our arms at our sides, using just our legs and core.

After three circuits of all these exercises, we enjoyed the rest of the time basking in the sun. It really was the perfect combination of working out and relaxing. After such a great success, we can’t wait to do it again next week. You should give it a try!

Intensify Your Workout To Burn Fat

Running sport manLike most moms, having children has changed my body in ways that I’m not always happy about. I would never trade my beautiful daughter for my slim and trim 25 year old body, but I do miss my flat stomach from time to time. Combine this with age, and it gets harder and harder to keep off weight and burn extra fat. So, what’s a woman to do?

New research has found that the most effective way to burn fat is through high intensity interval training, often abbreviated as HIIT. This new type of workout is designed around performing short, but very intense exercises that burn fat more quickly and efficiently. In fact many of the workouts can be done in as little as 10 minutes. As a mom, this is amazing news because time is usually scarce around my house. Now I can get my workout done in no time, which leaves me more time for all the other things I need to do.

If you have stubborn fat that you can’t seem to get rid of, you should give HIIT a try!

Grill Master – Diet Challenge #4

This week’s diet challenge is Grill Master!

In honor of the upcoming Memorial Day celebration, break out that grill and try some delicious low fat or meat alternative grilling recipes like turkey burgers, veggie burgers, vegan hot dogs, or fish skewers.

Find some super delicious, tried-and-true grill recipes from our Pinterest Board Fire Up that Grill!

Don’t forget to join the Weekly Challenge Facebook Group to see what others are grilling!

Grill master challenge












Bike Cycle – Fitness Challenge #4

This week’s fitness challenge is the Bike Cycle!

Whether you choose to bike indoors on a stationary bike or outdoors on a trail or around the neighborhood, really challenge yourself for 20 minutes. Take 5 minutes before and after to warm up with a slower pace cycle but then get that heart rate going and feel the burn in your thighs.

Don’t forget to join the Weekly Challenge Facebook group to get involved with others enjoying the challenge!

Bike Cycle Challenge