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Spring Into Fitness!

Feet of running woman.Spring is finally here and all the trees and flowers are bursting forth to celebrate life! After a long winter, they’re ready to open up, breathe in the fresh air, and take in the warm sun. Do you ever feel like that after a long winter? It’s easy to hibernate inside during the cold winter months, and let your fitness routine disappear, but hibernation is now over and it’s time to get outside and get moving!

This month we’re focusing on getting outside, moving our bodies, and finding a good workout rhythm to get you in shape. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you move your body. You could go for a beautiful spring walk around your neighborhood, try out a new bike trail, go hiking with a friend, or do some yard work.

Each week we’ll focus on one new way to add some spring into your workout routine. Here are the four areas we’ll cover:

1.  Exercising Outdoors

2. Trying New Ways To Exercise

3. Breathing New Life Into Your Routine With Proper Breathing Techniques

4. Adding Some Spring To Your Step With Jumping Exercises

Follow our weekly blogs for great tips to make this spring more active than ever!

Motivation Monday: Consistency Drives Results


Happy Monday! This week I wanted to give you a quick quote to motivate you to be consistent in your diets. If we really want to find success in our diets, we have to make a lifestyle change and consistency is key. By making simple, healthy choices that are part of our every day life we are able to see big results in the long run. Having a balanced diet doesn’t come from making good choices for just one day or one week. It needs to be something we do daily. Be consistent and see lifelong results!

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Our body and weight trackers allow you to see your progress towards weight loss goals. Over time, you’ll see how many inches and pounds you’ve lost. This type of visualization is really motivating!

The food tracker keeps a running record of everything you consume each day. Once you input that information, it is there for you to review anytime you want. This way you don’t have to try to remember what you ate last week, you can just check your food tracker.

The “My Journal” section of this app is there to keep track of how you’re feeling emotionally. This is where you can express your joys, frustrations, surprises and successes throughout your weight loss journey. You can also upload images or videos of your workouts, meals, or anything else you want to remember.

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Consistency is the Framework of a Healthy Diet

good food, health and lifeSo, you’re sitting in your living room, thinking about how you want to get more healthy. You think about starting to exercise more, eating healthier foods, and make a promise to avoid the fast food drive through windows you love so much. These are all great ideas that can help you get healthier, but only if you are consistent with them. Doing these things for one or two weeks won’t do much, but if you stick with it for a month or more, changes will start to happen. If you were to pick only four things to change in your diet, these are the top four we recommend. Be consistent with these and you’ll have great success!

1. Drink plenty of water – Aim for 8 glasses each day.

2. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies – Aim for 2 types of fruits and 2 types of vegetables each day.

3. Eat lots of fiber – Aim for 2 servings of oats, brown rice, whole wheat bread or other whole grain each day.

4. Eat healthy protein – Aim for 2 full servings of low fat meat, beans, soy, or eggs each day.


Motivation Monday: You Are What You Think

Happy Monday! I think we’ve all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” If that is the case, we better think about what we are putting into our bodies. Therefore, you get my mantra of “You are what you think.” Are you thinking before you eat? If you are, there is a better chance that you are eating healthier and making wise food choices. Last week a great list was provided for 5 Questions we can ask ourselves to help us be mindful eaters.

For the past few days I have made an extra effort to eat mindfully. Here are some snippets from my experience and what I noticed:

Day 1 – I made an effort to make sure I ate my breakfast slowly. Usually I am in a rush getting kids ready for school and out the door that I don’t pay much attention to my eating breakfast. Every morning I either don’t eat enough or I eat too much in my morning hustle. This morning I paid attention to when I was content, but not quite full. Amazingly enough, this set me on track for the rest of the day. I was hungry at normal meal times and satisfied all day.

Day 2 – I think my biggest win for the day with mindful eating was avoiding mindless snacking. Whenever the thought to grab something to eat crossed my mind I asked myself “Am I hungry?” There were a few times I was actually hungry, but there were some other instances where I realized I was bored or was in a habit of eating at that time of day regardless of whether I was hungry or not. I realized that I really need to be mindful about my snacking daily to avoid in-taking extra calories.

lunch salad

Day 7 - So I managed to eat mindfully for an entire week. Doing this opened my eyes to a few habits I need to change. Such as, I eat way too fast. I grew up with all brothers and if I wanted seconds of anything I had to eat quick. I have come to realize that eating quickly had become a part of me. The past week of eating slowly has helped me to eat less because I recognize that I am full sooner. I am not only snacking less frequently, but I am snacking healthier. I am thinking more about what I am putting into my body each day and that has increased my consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Eating mindfully really does make a difference for the better.

I would love to hear what questions you ask yourself and what thoughts you focus on to keep a healthy diet each day.

Corn & Beef Chili

The weather where I live has been having a difficult time making up it’s mind lately. The temperatures range anywhere from 30 degrees to 80 degrees within a 48 hour time period. Spring can be a moody season!

corn and beef chili

The other day I had planned on having a yummy salad for dinner, but then 30 degree temperatures rolled in. Suddenly salad did not sound appetizing. I decided instead to make up this Corn and Beef Chili with a side of cornbread for dinner. It was warm and comforting and so easy to make. It’s actually a crock pot meal, but I cooked mine up on the stove top because by the time I decided to make this I didn’t have three hours to let it slow cook. This recipe turns out great no matter how you make it though.

I love this recipe because most likely, you will have most of the ingredients in your pantry and fridge. The only ingredient you may not have is the jalapeno, but that can be left out if needed. It’s an easy and satisfying last minute meal.

Mindful Eating in 5 Simple Questions

Food for thoughtMindful eating is a phrase you may or may not have heard before. In case it’s new to you, let me give you a brief explanation. Mindful eating means you with intention and attention. Everything you put into your body has a purpose, and you pay attention to how it makes you feel. The more mindful you are about your diet, the more you’ll be able to cater it to help you perform at your best. Here are five simple questions that will help you be more mindful with your diet.

1. Am I hungry or just bored?

2. How will I feel after I eat this food?

3. Will this food give me energy or take it away?

4. Am I eating slow or fast?

5. When did I eat last?

Ask yourself these five questions and it will help you pay more attention to what your eating, when you’re eating, how much you’re eating, and how it makes you feel. Soon you’ll find a better balance that will help improve the quality and longevity of your life.

Motivation Monday: A Moderate Meal

Happy Monday! This month we’ve been focusing on the four principles of a healthy diet. Today I want to talk to you about moderation.

There are a couple ways you can keep track of moderation in your diet:

  • Are you eating the right amount of calories?
  • Are you getting the nutrients you need?

Here is a little tip to help you keep track of both of these during meal time:
Draw an imaginary vertical line down the middle of your plate. Fill one half with fruits and vegetables. On the other half of the plate, draw an imaginary horizontal line. Fill one quarter of the plate with lean meat/protein and the other quarter with grains.

food portion recommendations on plateVegetables and fruit are low in calories. Keeping half of your meal to these food groups will help keep calorie counts low. Designating a space on your plate for the different food groups helps you to make sure that you are getting a wide variety of the nutrients that you need.

So next time you are serving up dinner, try dividing up your plate and improve the moderation in your diet.

The Clock is Ticking

Countdown clockAt several times throughout your life, occasions or events arise when you want to look your very best. In preparation, many of us do what we can to lose excess weight before the special event. Who doesn’t want to look great at a wedding, reunion or on vacation? One of the best ways to do this is to set up a training regimen. There are plenty out there to choose from, you just need to decide which one suits your exercise preference and time frame.

If you have a month and a half to get ready, try a Six Week Celebrity Fitness Schedule to lose some weight and tone up. If you have a little more time to work with, the Eight Week Shape Up Plan would be perfect. If you’re really motivated, check out this 12 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule. Follow this and you’ll be in great shape in no time.

Whichever schedule you choose, be consistent and you’ll look amazing on the big day.

Moderation In All Things

Vegan Lunch Food My PlateToo often when people think about dieting and healthy eating, they automatically assume they have to give up certain foods that they love. This is perhaps why so many people choose to just keep eating unhealthy. Who wants to give up things that they love? Fortunately, you don’t have to give up everything you love in order to be healthy. It’s all about using good judgement and moderation with your diet.

If you absolutely love french fries, you don’t have to completely cut them out of your diet, just moderate when you eat them. Set up a reward system. Say for every 10 days you eat at least 3 vegetables a day, you get to eat one small serving of french fries. If you love brownies, allow yourself to eat one small brownie at the end of each week you stick with other healthy eating habits. This way you still get to indulge, but on a healthy scale.

Eating healthy is not about giving up everything you love, it’s about choosing to love your body enough to give it what it really needs. You can eat unhealthy foods in moderation and still lose weight. It’s all about planning and dedication. This week pick your unhealthy treat of choice and design a plan for eating it in moderation. Do this for at least 3 weeks and track your progress. Little by little you’ll be able to start eating a healthier diet while still enjoying the foods you love.