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Day Off DOESN’T Mean Diet Off

Eating Junk FoodDepending on which diet or fitness plan you follow, you may have a day off each week where you get to relax a bit. Sometimes it means you can eat whatever you want, sometimes it means you don’t have to exercise. Either way, it’s really tempting to go crazy on that day because it’s your only day to do so. Unfortunately, this can undo some of the progress you’ve made during the week, and end up causing more frustration than happiness. Although it is important to allow yourself to relax sometimes, there’s a smart way to relax and a not so smart way to relax.




You’ve been really healthy all week, so now it’s time to reward yourself. Today you get to eat whatever you want and be totally lazy. For breakfast grab a huge breakfast burrito and large caramel macchiato. This will run you about 750 calories. For lunch you grab a burger, fries and large soda. This will set you back about 1,900 calories. For dinner you decide to eat a few slices of a stuffed Chicago style pizza. Each slice is around 350 calories, so let’s say you eat two for a total of 700 calories. By the end of the day, you grand total of calories could be near 3,400. If your regular diet has you eating close to 2,000 calories a day, this one day of splurging cost you an extra 1,400 calories. In order to burn this off, you would need to do the stair climber for 90 minutes, spin for 90 minutes, or run 12 miles.


You may not need to do your regular exerciser regimen on your day off, but that doesn’t mean you have to be completely sedentary. Instead of going for a long run, go for a nice walk outside. Instead of eating meat and cheese covered pizza, reach for one with some healthy veggies and a thinner crust. If you want to splurge on ice cream, go for frozen yogurt instead. You can still relax on  your day off without causing a major set back in you weight loss efforts.



Up the Ante with some Accountability

Personal TrainerSometimes the hardest part of eating right and getting enough exercise is finding the right type of motivation. Are you motivated by the idea of getting a new wardrobe, looking thinner, increasing your health, being able to complete a physical challenge, or living a longer life? Depending on what your motivation is, you need to find a way to accomplish your goal. One of the best ways to do this is to find a way to be accountable for your decisions and progress. If you find someone in your life that you can be accountable to, you’re more likely to stay motivated. Not everyone will work, so follow these guidelines to decide which person will be the best for you.


1. Is this person willing to be honest even if it means your feelings are hurt?

2. Is this person positive and encouraging?

3. Does this person have the time and energy needed to help you?

4. Are you comfortable being honest with this person?

5. Will this person push you to keep going even when you feel like giving up?


If can answer yes to all of these questions, that particular person would be a good accountability coach for you. When you’re ready, approach him/her and ask if he/she would be willing to help you with your diet and exercise regimen. Come up with a plan to talk/meet daily, weekly, or whatever schedule works for both of you. Come up with short and long term goals to work towards. Once your plan is set, get started. As time goes on, you may need to alter things slightly, but don’t give up. Lean on this person for encouragement and support as you do your best to increase your health.