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5 Rainy Day Workout Ideas

B_5RainyDayWorkoutIdeas_If you like to workout in the sunshine, what do you do when the rain descends? Do you curl up in a ball, eating ice cream, waiting for the sun to reappear? If so, you might be waiting for a very long time depending on where you live and the time of year. Instead of sulking, why not try something new? There are plenty of ways to get exercise inside or outside on a rainy day. Try one of these 5 simple and fun ideas to get moving!


Mall Fitness Therapy

Malls aren’t just good for shopping, they are also underutilized, fully enclosed, indoor walking tracks. If you like to walk but don’t want to get wet, drive to your nearest mall, put on your walking shoes, then walk around for an hour. You’ll probably go around 3 miles and burn close to 400 calories.

Splash Like a Kid

Just because you’re a grown up doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy splashing in a puddle from time to time. Put on your rain jacket or grab an umbrella, then take off around your neighborhood. If you see a puddle, go ahead and indulge yourself!



Dance Party

When was the last time you completely let go of all your inhibitions? If it was nearly a decade ago during your wild college days, it’s been too long. If the rain is keeping you down, put on some comfy clothes, your favorite dance play list, and start shaking your booty! It could end up being the most fun workout you’ve ever had.

Go Swimming

Instead of avoiding getting wet, jump right in. Find a local YMCA or pool and do as many laps as you can. Swimming is one of the bet overall body workouts you can get.

Covered Trails

In many areas of the country, trails are covered by a thick layer of trees that protect you from the rain. If you live by one of these trails, it’s a good place to hike when the rain is pouring down. You might even enjoy hiking to the sound of rain bouncing off the leaves.


New Ways to Enjoy Apples this Fall

apples in a bowl on the table, fruitsSeptember and October are usually the best times to enjoy fresh apples. If you live near any apple orchards, it’s really fun spending a few hours picking some of your favorites to take home and enjoy. Some orchards even provide fresh pie, cider and donuts that are simply amazing. If you pick some to take home, or buy a bunch at your local farmer’s market, it’s fun to try new recipes that will tantalize your taste buds. Here are five unique and healthy apple recipes.

Apple Spice Tart

Apple Spice Tart is a delicious dessert that you can enjoy anytime. The tartness and sweetness of the apples are a perfect combination with the spices and vanilla flavor. The apple butter also adds an amazing boost of flavor.

Tuna Apple Tacos

If you like tacos, but are tired of the same old flavor, give these Tuna Apple Tacos a try. A yummy combination of sweet apples, salty tuna, fresh spinach, creamy cheese, all warmed up and wrapped in a corn tortilla.

Orange-Apple Cider

Apple cider is delicious on it’s own, but it’s even more delicious if you combine it with the flavor of orange. A fun and delicious winter drink combining cider, orange juice, cinnamon bears and honey. The unique blend brings out such rich flavors, it will quickly become a family favorite.


Apple Pie Milk Shake

Apple Pie Milk Shake is a real treat especially in the Fall. You can use pears or apples for this recipe, or a combination of both. The flavor is like having apple pie and ice cream at the same time.

Apple Pear Butter

Apple Pear Butter is full of flavor. You can put it on toast, top cakes or ice cream. It is a perfect low calorie treat and it makes a great holiday gift. This recipe can be enjoyed on any diet and especially Weight Watchers for only 3 Points per serving.