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3 Great Cookies for your Holiday Season

B_3GreatCookiesForYourHolidaySeason_Fotolia_129804854_-2textOne of my favorite childhood memories is the smell of freshly baked sweet treats wafting through my house during the holidays. Sometimes it was the smell of cupcakes, other times it came from delicious cookies. Either way, thinking about it brings me to a place of comfort and love. If you want to celebrate the holiday season with some cookies, give these three a try!


Snowball Almond Cookies

Snowball Almond Cookies are a perfect treat anytime or for any occasion. This version has less fat and calories without sacrificing taste. The extracts and zest really wake up the flavors of this delicious cookie.


Pumpkin White Chip Cookies

Pumpkin White Chip Cookies take a traditional cookie mix, and tweek it to perfection. This cookie has a lot of flavor and not a lot of fat or calories. The sweet cookie and the tart cranberries are delicious together with the white chips. You can enjoy this cookie for only 2 Weight Watchers Points.



Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies

Make Gingerbread cookies anytime with this Gluten Free Recipe. Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies are easy to make and full of gingerbread flavors you love. Pull out your cookies cutters and have fun with this recipe.


Keep your Kids Active and Happy this Winter

B_KeepYourKidsActiveAndHappyThisWinter_ (2)When the rain or snow arts falling and the temperature drops, kids can get stir crazy inside the house. When they can’t run outside or ride their bikes to the park, how can you keep them active and happy? Finding ways to get your kids moving inside the house is critical to their health and your sanity.







One of the funnest and most simple ways to get your kids moving is through dancing. Choose a fun CD or station, clear the room of toys and other potential hazards, turn the music up and have a Dance Party! Within ten minutes or less, heart rates will rise, smiles will appear, and your kids will get out a bunch of energy.

Video Games are also a great way to get them moving. Several video game consoles have games that require full body movement and are really fun. From dancing to basketball, river rafting to obstacle courses, you can find on that you and your kids will love.

If you’re looking for something a bit more involved, why not set up Fitness Games for your kids? Design a series of Olympic events they can all compete in. Make up relay races in your living room that involve hopping and crab walking. Be creative and you’ll have a blast!