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Best Healthy Breakfasts for Fall

With each changing of the seasons, different fresh food options become available, and ready to land on your dining room table. As summer draws to a close and fall begins, it’s time to try some delicious fall recipes that remind you of coming home. They’re the flavors from your childhood that you remember eating after school, when the autumn leaves were coming down. Fall in love with these flavors all over again with a handful of healthy breakfast fall recipes.

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A Week’s Worth of Healthy Breakfasts

Healthy Breakfasts

When trying to lose weight, it can be overwhelming to know what you can and cannot eat. We want to keep the focus on keeping things simple when trying to lose weight. We know you can achieve your New Year’s Resolution and keeping things simple can help you stick to your goals.

This month I really want to focus on keeping it simple with the foods that you eat. I am not necessarily talking about meals that are simple to make, but foods that are unprocessed and wholesome. By cutting out processed foods, you can remove a lot of unnecessary sugars and calories that your body does not need. These are not Whole 30 approved recipes. Remember, we are keeping it simple! We don’t want you to have to stress all the time about what you can and cannot eat. These recipes use ingredients with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, unprocessed meats and whole grains.

All month long I will be posting recipes on Monday that can help you eat healthier or lose weight…whatever your resolution is for 2016. This week I am focusing on breakfast foods. Eating breakfast each morning will help get your metabolism going for the day and eating a healthy breakfast can set you on the right track for the rest of your food choices.

Asparagus and Goat Cheese Omelets

Mango Smoothie

Huevos Rancheros

Banana Nut Cereal

Veggie Omelet

Coconut Fruit Salad

Pear Cranberry Oatmeal

Best of luck with your 2016 resolutions! Come back next Monday for healthy snack recipes.



A Good School Day Starts with a Good Breakfast

making healthy milkshakeAs we all know, it’s back to school time and anticipation is in the air. Everyone’s busy buying backpacks, pencils, calculators, and the all so important outfit to wear on the first day of school. Yes, I remember those days just like they were yesterday. With all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget one of the most important things to start off a new school day: Breakfast. Having a good breakfast is one of the best ways to wake up your mind and get it ready to soak up new knowledge. Here are some suggestions to make sure this important item doesn’t get overlooked.

1. Plan your breakfast out the night before and allow enough preparation time.

2. Pick something that has good protein and fiber to give you energy and keep you full.

3. Try to avoid things high in sugar or overly processed.

4. Good breakfast ideas include: old fashioned oatmeal with brown sugar and fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs with a fruit smoothie, whole wheat toast with jam and nut butter, and a whole wheat bagel sandwich with egg, cheese and avocado.

Once you get into a routine, a healthy breakfast will be a great part of your day.