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Celebrate Summer with these Berry Recipes

The sun it out, the temperature is hot, and berries are in full bloom! This is the time of year where in many places around the country you go pick fresh berries to eat. Some of these include strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, marionberries and many more. If you are lucky enough to get some of these fresh berries, here are some delicious recipes you can try!

Berry Greek Parfait

Protein Rich Greek Yogurt with delicious warm berries and a sprinkle of granola for crunch. Add nuts instead for extra protein or change the fruit for a completely different flavor.

Blueberry Acai Smoothie

Blueberry Acai Smoothie has a blend of so many delicious fruits, you won’t even know the spinach is there. It’s easy to make, and you can add any fruit you have on hand, or replace the almond milk with a milk of your choice.

Coconut Raspberry Pops

Coconut Raspberry Pops are a delicious treat to enjoy as a snack, or nice creamy frozen dessert on hand. Coconut Raspberry Pops are easy to make and very creamy.

Mixed Berry Acai Scones

Make this fun breakfast treat with a little kick of Acai Berries. Mixed Berry Acai Scones are great treat with your morning coffee or just enjoy it as a dessert.

Children walking in mountains

5 Ways to Get your Kids Moving this Summer!

During the summer months, it’s easy to let your kids be lazy and just sit around the house watching TV and playing video games. Although it may be hard to motivate them to move their bodies, if you have a specific system in place, you can make exercise fun and interesting for your kids, and yourself. I suggest choosing 5 separate adventures you can do each week, so you can plan ahead and have some really fun and healthy things to do all summer long.


Master the Bike Monday

Every Monday plan a bike ride somewhere new. It could be around your city, on a trail, to a new park, or just around your neighborhood.


Take a Hike Tuesday

Each Tuesday try out a new hike. It could be something small nearby, or a full day hike that includes a large water bottle and sack lunch.


Walk Away Wednesday 

Wednesday is when you can explore a new part of your city you’ve never been to before. Pick somewhere that has some interesting things to look at, set a course, and start your urban adventure.


Throw a Ball Thursday

On Thursdays it’s time to organize some group games at the park. Invite neighbors, friends or family members to join you at the park for some soccer, volleyball, kick ball, or any other group game you enjoy.


Frolic in the Water Friday 

End each week with some water fun. This could be going to a local swimming pool, visiting a lake, driving to the beach, or doing something simple at home like a backyard slip and slide or water balloon fight.



A Grown Up Twist On Summer Popsicles

B_AGrownUpTwistOnSummerPopsicles_textWhat do you remember the most about summer when you were a kid? Was it riding bikes with your friends or swimming at the lake? Did you go camping or fishing? Did you run through the sprinklers or swim at the pool? Do you remember eating countless popsicles that cooled you down and turned your tongue fun colors? But what about when you’re adult? Should you deprive yourself of these delicious treats just because you’re no longer a kid? I would like to suggest you try some grown up versions of the popsicles you loved from your childhood. Here are 4 more grown up popsicle recipes that will keep you and your kids happy this summer.


Coconut Banana Popsicles

A simple, tropical treat that you can easily make at home. These Coconut Banana Popsicles have a nice coconut and vanilla flavor that feel like a little bit of paradise.

Watermelon Lime Popsicles

These watermelon popsicles are so easy to make and delicious. This frozen treat is 0 Weight Watchers Points and perfect for a hot day.

Whole Fruit Popsicles

Whole Fruit Pops are a cold treat perfect for the warm weather and so easy to make. This recipe uses coconut water and whole fruit to compliment the flavors. You can use any fruit you like.

Yogurt Blueberry Popsicles

Don’t buy expensive yogurt pops when you can make them so easily at home. This recipe uses Greek Yogurt so you can a protein packed refreshing snack that will make your tummy feel good.

5 Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun

Kids floating in swimming poolI don’t know about you, but we already hit our first 100 degree day for the summer, and boy was it hot! Every time I went outside, I felt like I was in a sauna. I know not all the days this summer will feel like this, but it was a good reminder to be aware of the dangers of the sun during the summer months. I love the sun as much as the next person, but I also respect the damage it can do if not taken seriously.


Here are my Top 5 Summer Sun Safety Tips:

1. Water: Every time you leave your house, bring a water bottle with you and drink frequently. This will help you avoid dehydration, and keep your body feeling energized.

2. Sunscreen: Every time you will be out in the sun for at least 20 minutes or more, apply sunscreen. Apply every 2 hours if you are exercising or swimming.

3. Hats: If you are walking, hiking or exercising outdoors, wear a brimmed out to shade your face and help keep the sun out of your eyes.

4. Sunglasses: Don’t underestimate the damage the sun can do to your eyes without proper protection. Always wear sunglasses that have complete UV protection.

5. Fruits & Veggies: Most seasonal fruits and vegetables have high water content, giving your body the extra hydration it needs. Pack your pool side lunches full of watermelon, apples, cucumbers, pineapple and berries.

4 No Cook Dinners for Hot Summer Nights

Close up image of the gas stoveI don’t know about you, but the thermostat at my house is supposed to register 90 degrees this coming week, meaning summer is now in full swing. Summer is awesome for swimming, camping, fireworks and barbecues, but it is not great for cooking. The last thing I want to do on a hot day is heat up my kitchen by turning on my stove. When the temperature rises, my recipes change to ones that require no cooking. Here are four of my favorite recipes I like to make all summer long.

1. Cold Cucumber Soup. Similar to gazpacho, this soup combines fresh veggies and flavorful herbs to give you a light and refreshing soup that tastes good, and keeps you cool.

2. Salmon and Veggie Bagel. If you are a fan of smoked salmon, you’ll love this sandwich. The saltiness of the salmon mixed with cream cheese and fresh veggies is perfection.

3. Hummus Veggie Tortilla Wraps. Feel free to use any type of hummus you like to give these wraps a unique flavor. These also work great for lunch.

4. Bean Corn Tacos. Unlike most tacos, this recipe calls for no cooking, and combines a wide variety of veggies and beans to make a quick and healthy meal. Feel free to use your favorite kind of beans and skip the jalapeno for a more mild taste.


Motivation Monday: Cool Summer Slim-down Foods


Happy Monday! I live in a place that has two seasons…hot and hotter. We’re getting out of our “hot” season and slowly moving into our “hotter” season. When it gets to this time of year, the last thing I want to do is turn on the oven or cook a hot meal. There are many meals that can be prepared without having to heat up your kitchen. Raw fruits and vegetables, slow cooker recipes and using the grill are all great ways to prepare healthy meals when its sweltering outside.

Here are some of my favorite recipes to stay slim and cool during the summer.

Cilantro Chicken Salad - Use the grill or slow cooker to cook the chicken. The slow cooker is great because it does all the work for you so you can enjoy your summer!

Mediterranean Chicken Salad - You can use grilled chicken for this recipe and keep the heat outdoors. The chicken can also be cooked up on the stove top.

Avocado Toast - A great option for breakfast or lunch!

Hummus Veggie Tortilla Wraps - These make a delish snack or lunch with no cooking involved. Be sure to use whole grain tortillas.

These drinks have some great flavors to keep you cool during the summer without adding any calories to your day!

Citrus Water - A refreshing blend of citrus flavors that I love to keep in my fridge.

Honeydew Cucumber Water - An option beyond the typical citrus water.


Stay Healthy AND Sane with your Kids this Summer

Happy family on vacation in mountains, hikingAs June begins to approach, and the school year starts drawing to a close, a large percentage of parents experience anxiety knowing that someday soon their kids will be home all day and they will have to keep them busy for almost three months straight. There will probably be a family reunion to attend to, maybe one or two camping trips to go on, and if you’re lucky, a family vacation that includes flights and hotels, but the rest of the time is open and needs to  be filled with something. So, how exactly are you going to fill those remaining days and hours?

Unless you want to spend a good portion of your summer pulling your hair out as your child tells you for the millionth time, “I’m bored,” you better start making a plan now that will keep them happy and busy so you can actually enjoy your summer. I have come up with a system that’s worked well for my family, and hopefully it will work well for yours. I spend the good part of a day researching all the free or inexpensive library events, festivals, community events and movie theater promotions that I can find near my home. I make a large list of these and put them on a 3 month summer calendar so that each week I know which free events I can take my kids to.

I also research all the places to swim for free (rivers, lakes, beaches) and make a list of these, including how far away they are. The more places we can be near water during the hot weather, the better! Lastly, I look up other active places we could visit, like hikes, bike rides, trails, etc. and make a list of these. When all is said and done, I have a massive list of all the things we could do on daily/weekly basis so that we’re never bored. Each day we check out the list and decide what we want to do. On the days that have no specific event listed, we look at the generic list of places to swim, or active things to do, and select one of them.

Yes, it does take a while to compile your lists, but when summer hits and your kids are home all day, you’ll be SO grateful you did. All summer long you can stay active and healthy, and avoid the summer boredom we all dread. Happy summer!