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20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan

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How does the 20/30 Fat and Fiber Diet Work? This diet works by changing the kinds of calories you eat so that your body stores the least amount of fat. Calories from fat are easily converted into fat in the body while calories from carbohydrates or fiber are not as easily converted into fat in the body. By decreasing your fat intake and increasing your fiber intake, you will not only lose weight but have better digestions, more energy, and less highs and lows each day. With a moderate graduation towards the final result of the 20/30 balance - hunger, headaches and bad temperaments, typically associated with dieting, are eliminated helping you to achieve a permanent weight loss.

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If you answer yes to more than 50% of the following questions, the 20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan is right for you:

  • 1Have previous attempts to diet made you irritable?
  • 2Do you typically remain hungry when you diet?
  • 3Do you tend to cheat a little bit?
  • 4Do you like to snack a lot?
  • 5Do you prefer to not eat a lot of meat?
  • 6Is your digestive system in general good health?

The 20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan promise to you?

Why is it that regardless of how many times we go to the gym, or how many salads we eat, many of us are still over weight? What is the cause of this and what can we do to solve it? The 20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan has the answer and it's much more simple than you think: we need to eat less fat and more fiber. When we do this, the food we eat makes us feels more full, we have less problems with digestion, our cholesterol levels decrease and our body shrinks in size. If you stick with this plan, we promise you will lose weight, get healthier and feel better than you have in quite some time.

The Theory and Details Behind the 20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan

The 20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet is a book written by Gabe Mirkin, M.D. and Barry Fox, Ph.D., which is based on the best selling 20 Gram Diet. This book addresses the issue as to why we are increasingly more over weight, despite the number of low-fat food items we eat, or trips we take to the gym. Dr. Mirkin and Dr. Fox believe it comes down to two basic things: we eat too much fat and not enough fiber. The 20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet teaches you how to do this by making simple alterations to your diet, and includes 100+ low fat, high fiber recipes to help you along the way.

Three reasons why we're getting fatter:

  1. Fat is the most concentrated form of calories. Because of this, we can eat much more fat than we need without realizing it.
  2. It's also much easier for your body to convert fat on your plate to fat in your body. If you were to eat 100 calories of carbohydrates, your body would burn about 30 calories converting it to fat. If you eat the same 100 calories that comprised of fat, your body would only burn about 5 calories converting it to fat.
  3. Fatty foods are usually low in fiber, which makes you feel full. When we eat fatty foods, we don't feel full, so we eat more.

It's all about replacing the high fat, low fiber calories you put in your body with low fat, high fiber calories. This diet allows you to eat unlimited amounts of whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables, which are all low in fat and high in fiber.

Benefits of high fiber foods:

  1. Fill you up so you don't need to eat as much food
  2. They take longer to digest, which prevents the sugar from making you have highs and lows
  3. Adds bulk to your stool so it goes through the process fast, which helps prevent constipation, digestion problems and colon cancer.
  4. It binds up your bile acids, which create cholesterol, and carries them out of the body.

Now that we know which types of food to avoid, and which ones we can freely eat, it's time to set the diet plan in motion. This plan consists of 5 things you need to do in order to lose weight, and keep it off. If you follow these steps, and exercise regularly, it's almost impossible for you not to lose weight.

20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Way to Lose Weight Permanently:

  1. Eat all the beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables that you want.
  2. Eat less than 20 grams of fat every day.
  3. Eat more than 30 grams of dietary fiber every day.
  4. Eat very few low fiber foods, or foods made with refined flour.
  5. Every few weeks, give yourself a free meal when you can moderate amounts of whatever food you want.

What Health Care Professionals Say About the 20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan

The well known and respected May Clinic backs up the theory behind this diet. They have also found that fiber helps with digestion and bowel problems, lowers cholesterol, keeps your blood sugar levels normalized, and helps with weight loss. Because the amount and type of fiber can vary depending on the plant, they recommend you eat a variety of fiber rich foods to get the most benefit.

Joanne Slavin, PhD, RD is a professor at the University of Minnesota and a member of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Being an expert on fiber, she agrees that there are no negative side effects associated with eating a diet full of fiber. She agrees with the Mayo Clinic that eating a wide variety of fibers is the best way to take advantage of its great properties. In addition to this, she indicates that it will help you lose weight and reduce health risks for obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Examples of 20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan Meals: #1

SnackSunflower Seeds
LunchBean Salad
SnackWhole grain cereal bar
DinnerLeafy green salad

Examples of 20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan Meals: #2

Breakfast1 cup All-bran Cereal
Snack1 cup Blackberries
Lunch1 cup Barley Vegetable Soup
DinnerRomaine Salad or Boston Lettuce with Carrots, Cucumbers, Mushrooms, Green Pepper and Celery

The 20/30 Fat & Fiber The Weight-Reducing, Health-Promoting Nutrition System for Life Book

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