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Bikini Bootcamp

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How does the Bikini Boot Camp Diet work? Bikini Boot Camp was created by Erica Gragg and Melissa Perlman who started the Amansala Spa in Mexico. This is a luxurious retreat that is frequented by supermodels and celebrities. The comprehensive program they created involves healthy eating, meditation, regular exercise and techniques to help with motivation. Bikini Boot Camp is an adventurous 5-6 day vacation that includes regular fitness and yoga exercises, amazing healthy food, daily trips around the island, and pampering to help you relax. This is the perfect vacation spot for someone who wants to relax, rejuvenate and improve their health.
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Is Bikini Bootcamp right for you?

  • 1Do you need a vacation from your regular life?
  • 2 Do you feel a need to reconnect with your inner self?
  • 3 Is it hard to find a moment of silence in your busy life?
  • 4 Do you want a vacation you can enjoy with your girlfriends?
  • 5 Do you have some extra income you can use?

The Bikini Bootcamp promise to you?

Bikini Boot camp promises an adventurous holiday and yoga vacation where their clients can connect with themselves and nature free from the stress of work, family, or life in general. There are opportunities to connect with people from all over the world in an experience of healthy eating, fun fitness, yoga, day activities revolved around the area in which you stay and spa pampering.

The Theory and Details Behind Bikini Bootcamp

The theory behind this program is that if people are given the opportunity to remove stressful situations from their lives for just a few days and indulge in planned fitness and nutritional activities, they will return home with a healthy and happy glow that will allow them to work at their peak.

You can sign up for a 5 or 6 day package which includes accommodations, meals, 2 massages, a Mayan clay treatment and three excursions. These include jungle fresh water swimming, visits to Maya ruins and snorkeling in the Caribbean sea. You also participate in yoga, bike rides, body sculpting, circuit training and more.

Bikini Boot Camp is designed to help you feel good about your body. You are never pressured to participate in the activities and there is no competition. You are encouraged to set your own intentions of what you want to accomplish during your stay, and become more aware of how you feel.

Exercise Recommendations
  • Circuit training - 40 minutes every day (tones muscles and boosts metabolism)

  • Yoga - 15 minutes every day (helps with relaxation and balance, strengthens and stretches your muscles)

  • Core strengthening - 20 minutes every other day (strengthens your back and flattens your tummy)

  • Walking - 60 minutes every day (helps with fat loss)

Principles of the Program
  • Always eat breakfast. This is essential for keeping your metabolism working. You are encourages to eat fresh fruit with yogurt, and either granola or eggs.

  • Eat whenever you feel hungry. Make sure to keep the portion sizes small and eat snacks from the list of approved items.

  • Eat slowly and chew your food well to help with digestions. This will also help you glean more nourishment from your food.

  • Don't stress too much if you mess up on a meal. Just start again at your next meal.

Recommended Foods

These foods include lean proteins like chicken breast and fish, healthy carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, beans, and healthy fats. The Bikini Book Camp book provides 75 great tasting, healthy recipes and a 14 day meal plan to follow.

What Health Care Professionals Say About Bikini Bootcamp

New York Magazine said the following about Bikini Boot camp Vacations, "Instead of trying to fit into that Dior bikini before you leave on vacation, pack it and book a fitness getaway where you lose weight while you're away. The ultimate travel tune-up is Amansala's Bikini Boot camp on Mexico's Mayan Riviera. "

In January of 2011 Shermans Travel named Biking Boot camp one of their Top Ten Fitness Vacations. They said, The health-and-wellness program shapes and sheds your pounds through a combo of body-sculpting classes, power-ab sessions, bike and kayak excursions, Pilates, and yoga. Sure, you might have to forgo the cervezas and nachos for low-fat meals like freshly grilled fish and jicama salads, but the healthy food will keep you energized while beachside massages and specialized spa treatments help you relax.

On Trip Advisor, Bikini Boot Camp received 4 out of 5 stars by 166 reviewers, and 87 of them rated their experience as excellent.

Examples of Bikini Bootcamp Meals: #1

BreakfastFresh Blueberry Smoothie
LunchAsian chicken lettuce wraps with crushed peanuts
DinnerSteamed fish with tomatoes, peppers and onions
SnacksPlain roasted almonds and fresh papaya

Bikini Bootcamp 2015 Rates

The standard camp is 6 days which are a combination of beach walks, fitness classes, yoga, pampering, healthy eating and time to relax on the beautiful white sandy beach.

- Accommodations

- All meals which are delicious & healthy except for ONE dinner so you can experience a bit of local style and flavor

- Daily morning beach walks & workouts

- A variety of fitness classes

- Tours to see the highlights of the area

- 2 spa services

- A Mayan clay treatment

- Plus many other fun activities to send you home looking & feeling better.

Standard Price:$2,250-3,950
Promotional Discount:
Coupon Code:
Total Price$2,250-3,950

Plan Support:
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