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Flexitarian Diet

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The Flexitarian diet is not about going meatless or eliminating any food groups but instead encourages people to add food groups in greater abundance.
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Is the Flexitarian Diet diet right for you?

  • 1Do you like the idea of eating more fruits and vegetables but don't want to give up meat completely?
  • 2Do you want to lose weight and live healthier?
  • 3Are you looking for a diet plan that you can use with your entire family?
  • 4Do you want a diet that gives you lots of food options?
  • 5Are you willing to make changes to your current eating habits?

The Flexitarian Diet promise to you?

The Flexitarian Diet's promise is that you can lose weight and have a healthier life without completely giving up meat. Flexitarians enjoy many different foods and eat a vegetarian diet most of the time while still enjoying the meaty comforts on occasion.

The Theory and Details Behind the Flexitarian Diet diet

Flexitarian comes from the merger of two words Vegetarian and Flexible. Dietician, Dawn Jackson Blatner, started this diet because she knew that cutting back on meat was a great way to cut calories but knew that most people were unwilling to give up meat all together.

The Food
Nothing is off limits with the Flexitarian Diet. The goal is to add MORE foods groups into your diet, especially legumes, seeds, and plant-based foods. There are lots of recipes and food choices out there but we often can't see past meat, meat, meat.
If you're just starting this diet, you're considered a beginner and start at 2 meatless meals a week.

Advanced Flexitarian can go 3-4 meals without meat and Experts go 5+ meals without meat each week. Work your way up to what's comfortable for you and your family.

In Blatner's book, The Flexitarian Diet, there are many recipes with alternative sources of protein for you to try and many families have had success finding recipes that they enjoy.

The Fitness
Fitness is important for every body. Moderate exercise every day for 30 minutes is the minimum. If you're trying to slim down then you you want to work your way up to 90 minutes most days.

What Health Care Professionals Say About the Flexitarian Diet diet

Research shows that plant-based diets do have lots of health benefits including decreased blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and lower risk of heart disease. It is also proven that vegetarians weigh less and have a smaller percentage of body fat than carnivores.

Examples of Flexitarian Diet Meals: #1

BreakfastApple & Almond butter toast
LunchBBQ Baja Burger
SnackPineapple with Candied Pecans
DinnerPeanut-Cilantro Stir-Fry
DessertMexican Hot Chocolate

Examples of Flexitarian Diet Meals: #2

BreakfastPumpkin Spice Oatmeal
LunchWinter Fennel Salad
SnackCinnamon Cashew Shooter
DinnerVeggie Enchiladas
DessertSweet Cocoa Yogurt

The Flexitarian Diet

By Dawn Jackson Blatner, registered dietician. Receive the benefits of a Vegetarian diet without completely giving up meat.

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