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How the Rich Get Thin

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How does how the rich get thin diet work? Dr. Jana Klauer, author of the book, suggests eating meals that are high in protein, omega-3 fats, complex carbohydrates and calcium. It also includes a morning exercise program that should be observed along with the dietary suggestions. An important method, known as the Stop Watch method, is used to curb food cravings within fifteen minutes. The diet includes food options for dining at home, in restaurants, and to carry onto planes. It also provides information on how the rich reward themselves when dieting. The diet is written around having protein at every meal, avoiding all processed foods, naturally increasing calcium, and managing cravings.

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If you answer yes to more than 50% of the following questions, How the Rich Get Thin Diet is right for you:

  • 1Do you have a hard time controlling cravings when you diet?
  • 2Are you driven to succeed, a type A personality?
  • 3Is most of your weight around your stomach?
  • 4Do you often feel bloated, as if you are retaining water?
  • 5Are you willing to include exercise as part of your diet regime?

The How the Rich Get Thin promise to you?

Dr. Klauer is adamant that you don't have to be rich or famous to be thin and healthy. All you have to do is eat good amounts of the right kind of food, get enough exercise, and get enough sleep. In her book she promises that if you follow her plan, you will lose weight, have more energy, and look better than you thought possible. Within the first few weeks, you should expect to lose 2-4 pounds of excess water. After that, losing 1-2 pounds a week would be reasonable to expect. Do you want to look like someone rich? Just follow her recipe and you'll be thrilled with the results.

The Theory and Details Behind the How the Rich Get Thin diet

Diet Basics

This diet is based on a book written by Park Avenue diet doctor Jana Klauer entitled, How the Rich Get Thin." In her book she talks about what rich people do to stay thin that most people don't know about. She believes that you don't have to be rich to be thin, you just need to be educated about the proper way to take care of your body. The diet focuses on eating a lot of protein, and less carbohydrates. She also encourages you to eliminate all processed foods, and this includes somewhat healthy things like granola bars. Each meal includes good quality proteins and a few carbohydrates. As you go onto the later phases of the diet, you are allowed a few more carbohydrates. She also emphasizes including a lot of calcium in your diet by eating large quantities of low-fat dairy foods, or taking calcium supplements.

The Five Basic Rules:

  • Eat complex carbohydrates
  • Exercise one hour each day
  • Eat good quality protein at each meal
  • Dont eat processed foods
  • Consume a lot of calcium

Three Phases

  1. For three days you will have a low calorie diet that is extremely high in protein. This will jump start your weight loss and help you get rid of any excess water.
  2. You stay in this phase until you are within 5 pounds of your goal weight. You can eat three meals a day and have three additional snacks. The food you eat will be highly focused on good quality protein like dairy, fish and eggs.
  3. This is when you start to eat other foods as you get closer to your maintenance diet. First you can add organic chicken, then a week later you can start eating fruit. The next week you can start adding beans and legumes, and by the fourth week you can eat things like sweet potatoes. The fifth week nuts are included and by week six you can eat whole grains and breads.

If you start to notice weight gain when you add certain foods into your diet, you can take that food out. Dr. Klauer recommends you eat low carbohydrate vegetables, hummus, shrimp, green tea, omega 3 eggs, berries, low-fat dairy items, salmon, and organic chicken.

What Health Care Professionals Say About the How the Rich Get Thin diet

Dee Sandquist, MS, RD, CD and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Diatetics reviewed this diet and the book written about it. Overall, it was viewed as well written, and followed recent scientific research. Most of the diet fit within the recommended nutritional guidelines, except for one part. Dr. Klauer recommends you avoid dried fruit, soda, pretzels, crackers and other processed foods. Dr. Sandquist believes that it would be better to allow all foods as long as you consume a large variety and eat certain foods in moderation.

Examples of How the Rich Get Thin Meals: #1

BreakfastOne cup calcium-enriched cottage cheese and 1/6 melon, plus one calcium pill
SnackGreen tea
LunchGrilled vegetables with three ounces low-fat goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, plus one calcium pill
Snack1 cup low-fat yogurt, plus one calcium pill
DinnerTossed salad with -pound oyster mushrooms, eight walnut halves, head Boston lettuce with dressing of 1 Tb. walnut oil and 1 Tb. red wine vinegar, four ounces halibut, glass of skim milk, plus one calcium pill

Examples of How the Rich Get Thin Meals: #2

Breakfast2 oz of low-fat cheese, several glasses of water over the course of the morning
Snack8 oz plain low fat yogurt
Lunch4 oz can of tuna or salmon, drained, with lemon and pepper, a large glass of water
Snack8 oz of low-fat calcium-enriched cottage cheese with 2 oz of raw cauliflower or broccoli spears, several glasses of water through the afternoon
Dinner2 oz of salad greens with 1 tablespoon of Ginger Soy Dressing, 4 oz of baked or grilled fish or shellfish (may be brushed lightly with olive oil), 2 oz serving of steamed broccoli, spinach, green beans, or asparagus, topped with lemon juice, a large glass of water

How the Rich Get Thin Book

  • by Jana Klauer MD
  • includes secrets to losing weight and keeping it off

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