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Jenny Craig Diet

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How Does the Jenny Craig Diet Work? The Jenny Craig diet focuses on three weight-reducing techniques: restricting calories, cutting fat, and controlling portions. Jenny Craig provides prepackaged meals that will do all three. The program will teach you how much you should be eating, how to make a balanced meal, and how to continue those good habits after you've completed the program. Jenny Craig provides you with a personalized meal and exercise plan. Additionally, they include weekly one-on-one counseling sessions with a Jenny Craig consultant.

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Is the Jenny Craig Diet diet right for you?

  • 1Are you overweight even though you don't eat very much?
  • 2Do you feel hungry at night after dinner?
  • 3Do you end up gaining more weight back than you lost when you stop a weight loss plan?
  • 4Do you consider yourself to be an obsessive eater?

The Jenny Craig Diet promise to you?

The goals at Jenny Craig are to help people change their relationship with food, become more active and get motivated through a positive mind set. The tools they use to achieve these goals are pre-packaged meals and exercise programs that are meant to be individualized. They also have program directors who are available to help set realistic goals and get you the help you need.

The Theory and Details Behind the Jenny Craig Diet

This program believes that people have an emotional and mental attachment to food or habits that contribute to their weight gain. By having a program director and support group available, they hope to create a positive mental perspective. There are pre-packaged meals to control portions and an exercise program to help lose the weight in the easiest way possible.

The program length depends on how much weight needs to be lost. There are 3 phases to complete the weight loss program. The first phase focuses on limiting portions. The second phase introduces exercise and the third phase teaches how to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

What Health Care Professionals Say About the Jenny Craig Diet

A report from Consumer Reports Health has ranked diets and Jenny Craig tops the list with 85 points, while Slim Fast won 63 points and Weight Watchers was in third with 57 points. Researchers based the overall scores on adherence to the 2010 U.S. Dietary Guidelines and results of published randomized clinical studies that analyzed the short and long term weight loss and dropout rates of seven popular diets.

The three hundred and thirty two person study found that 92% of its participants stuck with the Jenny Craig program during the two-year study period and the dieters weighed an average of 8% less than when they began the program.

Examples of Jenny Craig Diet Meals: #1

BreakfastApple Cinnamon Waffles
SnackBruschetta Veggie Chips
LunchChicken Sandwich
SnackChocolate Walnut Brownie
DinnerChicken Carbonara

Examples of Jenny Craig Diet Meals: #2

BreakfastFlorentine Breakfast Pizzas
LunchPesto Pizza
DinnerMeatloaf with BBQ Sauce
SnackBruschetta Veggie Chips

Premium Success

  • Food costs between $400-$500 a month
  • Your own personal Jenny consultant
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Personalized menu and activity planning
  • Weight loss and maintenance tools
  • 24/7 online tools and support
  • Cash incentives for reaching milestones
  • 10% off non-food purchases
  • A full year of consultations and support

Standard Price:$39 per month
Promotional Discount:
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Total Price$39 per month

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