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How does the MonaVie diet program work? MonaVie's RVL Premier Weight Solution Program is sold through a multilevel marking plan, and is designed to help you lose weight. Program instructions include drinking an RVL meal replacement shake for breakfast and lunch and then having a 500 to 600 calorie dinner. Low-calorie RVL snack bars are available for between meal snacking. RVL Dietary Supplement capsules are taken with your morning and afternoon snack. Dieters are also instructed to exercise at least 30 minutes on most or all days of the week. There is no charge for the diet plan. But the diet drink, snack bars, and supplements must be purchased from one of the multi-level marketers. You can buy the drink, bars and supplements separately, or as part of a package.

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If you answer yes to more than 50% of the following questions, the MonaVie Diet is right for you:

  • 1Do you want a diet that only requires one prepared meal a day?
  • 2Do you want a diet that includes a supplement that suppresses your appetite?
  • 3Are you on the go a lot and don't have time to cook?
  • 4Do you want an online profile that allows you to track your calories and exercise?
  • 5Do you want a diet packed with nutrition?

The MonaVie promise to you?

MonaVie is a company that makes healthy drinks to aid in your weight loss journey. These drinks are made from Acai berry, blueberry, pomegranate juices, Aronia, Capuacu and other healthy juices. The drinks provide you with antioxidants and phytonutrients that help you stay healthy and active. If you drink Monavie everyday, you will have less joint pain, be able to fight off disease a little better, and have more a lot more energy.

The Theory and Details Behind the MonaVie diet

MonaVie is a marketing company that makes a variety of healthy, ready to eat juices, drinks, pulps, shakes and snack bars. These products are a combination of 18 different fruits which provide you with a large amount of antioxidants. These have been found to help fight chronic illnesses and cancers, and decrease the rate at which your body ages. They also work to lower you cholesterol, and increase your health overall. These drinks are perfect when used in combination with a healthy diet.

MonaVie juice is comprised of freeze-dried acai powder, acai puree, plus juice from the concentrate or purees of many other healthy fruits. It is recommended that you have 2-4 oz. of MonaVie juice every day. This should provide you with the 13 servings of vegetables and fruits you are supposed to have daily according to the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration).

Different Product Lines

  1. MonaVie Essential: This juice contains vitamins C, E and A, and fiber, and provides hearty nutrients that will help slow down the aging process.
  2. MonaVie Active: This juice contains 19 different fruits and is designed to help with flexibility and mobility.
  3. MonaVie Pulse: This juice also contains 19 different fruits and is designed to help your cardiovascular health.
  4. MonaVie MX: This juice boosts your immune system and decreases the signs of aging.
  5. RVL Nutrition Shake Mix: Just one serving of a MonaVie RVL shake gives you a huge array of nutrients with half the calories of a typical meal. They even come in single serve packets for more convenience.
  6. RVL Nutrition Snack Bar: These bars are full of antioxidants and contain 24 vitamins and minerals, with very few calories. They come in chocolate or berry flavor.

MonaVie encourages you to consume the products that work the best for your nutritional and diet needs. Find the juice, shake mix or nutrition bar that works for you and incorporate them into your diet. These will help you start to live a more healthy lifestyle.

What Health Care Professionals Say About the MonaVie diet

The medical community has not really given its opinion about MonaVie juice, but the MonaVie company did have some disputes with the FDA over some apparent false claims they made regarding their products. They have since changed some of these claims and the FDA has backed off. Some critics claim that you can get the same benefits by just eating regular fruit and vegetables throughout your day, for a lot less money.

The nutritional benefits of the Acai berry, which MonaVie claims to be the main ingredient in their juices, has also been highly debated. Depending on how the Acai berry is harvested, the nutritional value can vary significantly. Overall, the MonaVie juice is thought to be healthy for you, but not necessary for losing weight. You can easily lose weight by eating fruits and vegetables in their raw forms, and for a lot less money.

Examples of MonaVie Meals: #1

BreakfastRVL meal replacement shake
SnackHalf a RVL snack bar and supplements
LunchRVL replacement shake
Snack1/2 RVL snack bar and supplements
Dinner500-600 calories, Smokey Corn and Black Bean Pizza, Butternut Squash, low fat plain yogurt with blueberries

Examples of MonaVie Meals: #2

BreakfastRVL meal replacement shake
SnackHalf a RVL snack bar and supplements
LunchRVL replacement shake
Snack1/2 RVL snack bar and supplements
Dinner500-600 calories, 5-spice turkey and lettuce wraps, Japanese Cucumber Salad, Fresh fruit

RVL Package 1

  • includes 2 tubs RVL Shake Mix (56 servings) Chocolate Flavor, 1 bottle RVL Dietary Supplements (56 servings), 2 boxes RVL Snack Bars (60 servings) Chocolate Flavor

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