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Red Carpet Ready

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How does Red Carpet Ready work? This diet works by combining 3 important diet elements into a 6 week training package with the purpose of helping you reach personal weight loss and fitness goals. Created by Valerie Waters, a well-known celebrity trainer, Red Carpet Ready is built on solid principles that are key to achieving lasting results. By carefully setting goals, planning your workout schedule, and preparing your meals ahead of time, you can get the most from your workout and weight loss in a short period of time. With her help, you will be well on your way to creating lifelong habits that will help you maintain and improve your results.

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If you answer yes to more than 50% of the following questions, the Red Carpet Ready Diet is right for you:

  • 1Has it been a while since you last worked out?
  • 2Are you a woman?
  • 3Do you need help getting started?
  • 4Are you trying to get skinny for a specific event?
  • 5Can you workout at home?
  • 6Are you willing to plan ahead and commit to your plan?

The Red Carpet Ready promise to you?

Valerie Waters, a celebrity trainer and creator of Red Carpet Ready, says that people diet because they want to feel good, look good, or perform better. Dieting is onlly a means to an end. By changing habits and planning, Valerie believes that achieving fitness goals is very realistic and can be life changing. Valerie works with clients that are strapped for time just like most of us. She knows that people are busy and Red Carpet Ready addresses that concern and promises to be a diet that can be worked into a busy schedule.

Valerie promises that if you stick to the Red Carpet Ready program, your confidence and energy will be elevated as you get the results you desire. She also promises that you will NOT feel deprived on this diet, workout for 3 hours a day, eat junk, count calories or starve.

The Theory and Details Behind the Red Carpet Ready diet


Red Carpet Ready was created by Valerie Waters, a well known fitness trainer to the stars. She has worked with top actors such as: Jennifer Garner, Cindy Crawford, Ben Affleck, Jessica Biel, and Charlize Theron. Hollywood stars like to use Valerie because she is known for getting a toned, sleek look in a short period of time. Red Carpet Ready incorporates the same principles she uses on the stars to help you get the same toned, sleek body. Red Carpet Ready has 3 sections or steps that are covered to help you lose weight and tone your body.

Let's Get Red Carpet Ready

The first is to PREPARE, mentally and physically. Valerie has you vizualize where you are now and where you want to be at the end of the 6 week course. She also has you set a deadline date so you have a focus as you jump into her program. She has you organize your schedule, kitchen, and workouts so that you know what you are going to eat, where you are going to train, and what you are going to do at each workout. That way you're not guessing or making things up as you go, the plan is set and is easier to follow.

Nutrition of the Stars

The second section is about NUTRITION. 80% of the Red Carpet Ready diet is about what you eat. If you eat junk, you're going to feel like junk. If you eat healthy, you're going to feel healthy. Valerie has you eat 5-6 times a day making sure that you get lots of protein and fiber. Lean meats, fish, and poultry are packed with protein. Oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables are full of fiber. Valerie talks about carbohydrates and fats and when they are good for your body. During the preparationg phase, she has you clear out your kitchen of all the junk foods and stock it with the foods that you are going to be eating during your diet time so that nutrition isn't as difficult. She teaches you how to watch your portions and to drink lots of water so that you stay hydrated, and don't over indulge in food.

Let's Get Moving

The third section is about EXERCISE. Valerie covers two forms of exercise: strength training and cardio fitness. Strength training exercises build muscle, burn fat, and help tone the body. Your muscles are like little engines and once you get the strength building going, they continue to burn calories, even when you're not working out. Cardio exercise is a quick way to burn calories. You can jump on the treadmill and burn a few hundred calories at a time. Valerie sets you up with Workout A and Workout B. Each has 2 parts and each is designed to help you get fast results. The first phase of each program is done the first 3 weeks and the second phase is done the last 3 weeks. They are meant to become more difficult.

What Health Care Professionals Say About the Red Carpet Ready diet


Examples of Red Carpet Ready Meals: #1

Breakfast2 scrambled eggs with low-fat cheese and mixed berries
SnackFruit smoothie
LunchTurkey breast on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers
SnackHandful of pecans
DinnerGrilled Salmon with steamed broccoli

Examples of Red Carpet Ready Meals: #2

BreakfastOatmeal with raspberry topping
Snack2 hard-boiled eggs and an orange
LunchLean chicken breast on wheat bread sandwich
SnackSliced vegetables with hummus dip
DinnerChicken & vegetable stir fry on lettuce

The Complete Red Carpet Ready Kit

  • Transformation Handbook
  • Valslides & Getting Started Guide
  • Valband & Valband Deluxe
  • Movie Star Fitness DVD

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