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Slim-Fast Optima Diet

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How does the Slim-Fast Optima Diet work? Most people are familiar with the Slim-Fast meal-replacement shakes, which are perfect for those who live fast-paced lives that need to grab food fast and take it on the go. The convenience and simplicity of the Slim Fast Optima Diet made it very popular, which in turn enabled Slim-Fast to develop more products to add to the diet plan.

These products, like bars, snacks and smoothies are perfect for people who prefer a non-liquid diet. Today, the Slim-Fast Optima Diet provides nutritious combinations of complex carbs, proteins and healthier fats. The limited sugar and low-carbs in the Slimfast Optima diet are great for people who need to watch their carbohydrate and/or sugar intake, especially those with Type 2 Diabetes.

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Is the Slim-Fast Optima Diet diet right for you?

  • 1Do you feel addicted to any type of food or drink?
  • 2Do you find yourself nibbling throughout the day?
  • 3Do you feel hungry at night after dinner?
  • 4Do you end up gaining more weight back than you lost when you stop a weight loss plan?
  • 5Do you consider yourself to be an obsessive eater?
  • 6Do you eat food to make yourself feel better?

The Slim-Fast Optima Diet promise to you?

Slim-Fast promises an easy and delicious program. Slim-Fast has put together this diet with the help of registered dietitians. They promise a simple plan that will be easy to customize to each individual. As their name suggests, they promise that you can lose the fat fast! They promise to give you a variety of snack and meal replacement options to make weight loss easier.

The Theory and Details Behind the Slim-Fast Optima Diet diet

The Slim-Fast Optima Diet is great because you can personalize it to meet your specific needs. By combining proper nutrition and portion control, you can reduce the amount of calories you consume. Each day you get to have two delicious Slim-Fast Meals, shakes, or meal bars. Along with this you eat one Sensible meal, and healthy snacks of your choice. By doing this you follow the simple mantra: replace, combine, dine and snack!


The replace element represents the two meals you replace each day with a healthy substitute. Slim-Fast shakes and bars offer balanced nutrition and most of your daily nutrient needs. Most people like to replace breakfast or lunch. It is very important to make sure you dont skip these meals because they are crucial for maintaining the type of metabolism that promotes weight loss.


On the SlimFast Meal Plan, you choose from the full line of slim-fast products and combine them with 200 calories of your favorite food to make a great meal.


For the Dine element, you put together your own Sensible Meal. This usually occurs for your largest and longest meal of the day, so for most people, thats dinner. To help with this, Slim-Fast includes a Portion Size Guide in order to help you understand what a sensible meal should look like. In general, you should fill 1/2 of your plate with veggies, 1/4 with lean protein and 1/4 with whole grain starch.

Last but not least, enjoy a salad and serving of fruit or fruit salad for dessert. The Dine element allows you to eat meals with your family and friends without having to use special food or count calories.


The Slim-Fast Optima Diet actually encourages you to snack! Eating healthy portions of nutritious foods (like carrots, veggies, nuts etc) during the day between meals will help satisfy your cravings! These snacks will help you feel less deprived and reduce the likelihood of you overeating later on.

What Health Care Professionals Say About the Slim-Fast Optima Diet diet

Slim-Fast has been around since 1977. In its 35 years it has gained many fans. They have consistently provided meal alternatives for those who wish to lose weight. Sheah Rarback, MS, of the University of Miami School of Medicine has this to say about the diet: "The products take the guesswork out of portion control. . . It's a good program for someone who likes doing things online."

It's also good for someone who wants everything spelled out for them, who doesn't want to make a lot of decisions on their own. It's a very structured plan. She adds, "You have to like the way the products taste, or you won't stay with the plan."

Examples of Slim-Fast Optima Diet Meals: #1

Breakfast Slim-Fast shake or meal bar
Snack 1 small pear or small bunch of grapes
Lunch Slim-Fast shake or meal bar
Snack 1 medium apple or orange
DinnerGarden vegetable lasagna or Red beans and rice casserole

Slim-Fast 3-2-1 (formerly Optima) Diet

  • $10 a day
  • Choose three snacks
  • Two shakes or meal bars
  • One customizable dinner of your choice

Standard Price:$10
Promotional Discount:
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Total Price$10

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Plan Support:
  • 5
Diet Effectiveness:
  • 3
Diet Food:
  • 3
Diet Cost:
  • 3
  • 3.5

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