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The 100 Calorie Diet

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How does the 100 Calorie Diet work? This diet works by making you more aware of the portions you eat. It breaks foods down into 100 calorie units so you can easily count the calories and keep in a healthy limit. In this way, you can eat whatever you like as long as it's within the right portion and keeps you under your daily caloric limit. The authors of the book explain that depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy is detrimental to your psyche and can slow down metabolism. By simply increasing your awareness of portion calorie value, you can enjoy your favorites without depriving your mind or body of the foods it loves.

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If you answer yes to more than 50% of the following questions, the 100 Calorie Diet is right for you:

  • 1Do you want a diet that doesn't require pills, special food supplements, or expensive food plans?
  • 2Do you have a zero to moderately active lifestyle?
  • 3Do you have a hard time letting go of the foods you love?
  • 4Are you willing and able to plan your meals ahead of time?
  • 5Will you be able to keep a food journal?

The 100 Calorie Diet promise to you?

The 100 Calorie Diet promises to end you dieting days. They promise that you no longer need to go hungry, take pills, attend meetings, eat unusual food products, or deprive yourself of the things you love most. They assure dieters that they can lose weight on the 100 Calorie diet without all these things. The 100 Calorie diet guarantee is that you will feel younger, look better, gain energy and confidence, and lose weight.

The Theory and Details Behind The 100 Calorie Diet

Diet & Nutrition

The 100 Calorie Diet does not mean that you eat only 100 calories. Most people would starve to death on so little. What is does mean is that you eat in 100 calorie units. For example, you would eat a meal of 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 calories. It makes eating and counting calories super easy. There are 2 companion books to this diet that already break down food into calorie units for you. One book is for foods you may find in the grocery store or make at home and the other is for fast food and restaurants. Dieters are encouraged to use their calories wisely and not waste it on junk foods, but they do allow for eating the foods you love and helping you keep the portion under control. Dieters are also encouraged to keep a journal of the food they eat. Food journals increase a diet's effectiveness and a food journal is included when you buy the book deal.

Diet Development

This diet was developed by Tami and Susie Trimble, two sisters that needed to lose weight and found that keeping track of calories in groups of 100 was a lot easier than other diet plan methods. Together they lost over 100 pounds following the 100 calorie method.


The 100 Calorie Diet does not have a specific exercise program nor do they require exercise. They go by the Surgeon General's recommendation that you should get 30 minutes of aerobic exercise most days of the week to stay in good health.

What Health Care Professionals Say About The 100 Calorie Diet

The New England Journal of Medicine published an article in February 2009 by several scientists and doctors who had done studies on several popular diet techniques to determine which kind of diet was best for weight loss. Among the diet types tested were low-carb, low-fat, and high-protein. The study revealed that the most important factor was calorie consumption. No matter which program was chosen, weight loss could be achieved as long as the number of calories consumed was less than the number of calories used. The 100 Calorie Diet keeps in tow with the finding of this study and several others like it.

Examples of The 100 Calorie Diet Meals: #1

BreakfastBagel & cream cheese
Snack1 cup baby carrots, 1 tablespoon ranch dip
Lunch3 oz. chicken, 1 oz. swiss cheese, 3 slices whole wheat bread, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, vegtable toppings
SnackFruit & granola parfait
Dinner3 oz. baked fish, 1 cup pasta, 2 cups mixed green salad, 1 tablespoon olive oil dressing

Examples of The 100 Calorie Diet Meals: #2

BreakfastCheese omelet
Snack1 cup yogurt & 1 banana
Lunch1 turkey sandwich
Snack1 cup baby carrots, 1 tablespoon ranch dip
Dinner3 oz. baked chicken, side salad, 1 cup rice

The 100 Calorie Diet Book

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