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The Nordic Diet

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How does the Nordic Diet work?

Did you know that only 5.8% of Nordic women are considered to be significantly overweight? This is a diet that focuses on well-balanced eating. It focuses on eating the foods native to the Scandanavian countries, such as lean meats, fish, berries, whole grains, and cutting out all processed and out-of-season foods.

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Is the Nordic Diet right for you? If you answer yes to more than 50% of the following questions, the Nordic Diet is right for you.

  • 1Do you like seafood?
  • 2Do you like local seasonal foods?
  • 3Are you looking to lower your blood pressure?
  • 4Are you looking for a diet that doesn't restrict calories?
  • 5Looking for a diet that still allows you to eat whole grains?

The Nordic Diet promise to you?

The goal of the Nordic Diet is to adopt the healthy eating lifestyle found in the Scandanavian countries where the people eat a lotof local foods high in nutrients and low in saturated fats. The purpose is to use local healthy foods to make long term changes to your eating habits. The promise is that as you do so, you will see the weight fall off without starving yourself in the process.

The Theory and Details Behind the Nordic Diet

Diet and Nutrition:

The Nordic diet is simple and affordable, emphasizing locally grown and sustainable ingredients, avoiding food additives and minimizing waste. Rich in plants, the diet includes lots of root vegetables, cabbage, dark greens, apples and pears, berries, and whole grains. Fish is also prominent, along with low fat wild game, and small amounts of dairy. The Nordic Diet is very comparible to the Medierranean diet, but uses canola oil instead of olive oil,and uses the produce found in your own native climate.

Exercise Reccommendations:

No drastic change to your exercise routine is necessary when starting this diet because you will continue to eat protein rich foods and their should be no associated in drop in energy as your body adjusts to your new diet. In the case where you feel your enery levels change during the course of adopting this diet, use light exercise routines such as light weight training,cardio, or pilates.

What Health Care Professionals Say About the Nordic Diet

There are several recent studies that indicate that the Nordic Diet is beneficial in several ways. One study in the 2011 Journal of Internal medicine found that the Nordic Diet improves both high density and low density cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, and lowers blood pressure after 6 weeks on the Nordic Diet when compared to a control group. Another study in the 2011 Journal of Nutrition found that the aspects of the Nordic Diet are related to lower mortality amog middle aged Danes, particularly among men. A second article in the 2013 Journal of Internal Medicine also found that the Nordic Diet has a beneficial effect on decreasing low-grade inflammation. Nutritionists have suggested that traditional, healthy food items should be considered before major dietary changes are made, making the Nordic Diet an excellent and easy choice.

Examples of Nordic Diet Meals: #1

BreakfastSeptember Porridge
LunchScandinavian Sweet Soup
DinnerBaked flounder with potatoes in parsley
SnackFresh carrots

Examples of Nordic Diet Meals: #2

BreakfastRoasted Barley Pilaf
LunchSteamed cauliflower with curried shrimp shrimp sauce
DinnerScandinavian Fish Pizza

Weight Loss with the Nordic Diet book

This book contains all the facts and research to help you to discover why eating like a Viking is both the tastiest and healthiestway to eat. The Nordic Diet is all about fresh fish, meat and veggies, and unlike Paleo you can still enjoy legumes and whole grains. You will be steering away from processed food and the refined wheat and pastas of the Mediterranean Diet. Includes research showing that the Nordic Diet aids weight-loss with no calorie counting and helps to lower cholesterol, prevent cognitive decline and lowers blood pressure. Mouth watering recipes for soups, starters, main course (fish, pork, venison, duck, meat) and desserts are included with advice on how to adopt this simply delicious healthy lifestyle.

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