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The Simple Guy Diet

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How does the Simple Guy Diet work? The Simple Guy Diet is designed to help the dieter think about simple ways to adjust their eating habits and lifestyle that will improve their health. Started by a simple man who wanted to lose weight but avoid the fees associated with other diets, he began to implement some minor changes to his usual diet to cut back calories. He was met with a 10% body weight decrease. This diet is about the minor changes and is based on teaching you to make common sense decisions that will help you lose weight. It is about empowering the dieter with confidence to make the correct decisions, instead of relying on hand-holding.

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If you answer yes to more than 50% of the following questions, the Simple Guy Diet is right for you:

  • 1Have more strict diets failed for you?
  • 2Do you want a subtle approach to weight-loss?
  • 3Do you have modest goals of weight-loss?
  • 4Does your schedule restrict your time?
  • 5Do you want a weight loss plan that doesn't cost a lot of money?

The Simple Guy Diet promise to you?

The Simple Guy Diet promises to teach you how to make simple decisions that will help you lose up to 10% of your body weight. The Simple Guy promises to make weight loss fun. He guarantees a cost-saving approach to weight-loss. This diet is supposed to give you control over what you eat and how you lose the weight. The Simple Guy promises to do this in just 30 days.

The Theory and Details Behind The Simple Guy Diet


The Simple Guy Diet was created by a guy who had a few pounds to lose. He didn't want to pay the expensive fees that most diets charge. He decided to wing it on his own by making small, simple changes to his daily diet and activity. He lost 10% of his body weight.

Slow and Steady

The Simple Guy's approach is slow and steady. He suggests simple changes to your diet. He calls for substituting high-calorie items with low-calorie foods. This doesn't mean that you cannot eat your favorite meals, rather make minor adjustments to them to avoid some calories. He points out that you will fail at times. He offers a no-guilt pep talk about recovering your weight-loss momentum. This is a calorie-reduction diet at its core.

What Health Care Professionals Say About The Simple Guy Diet

Although no medical expert has spoken out about the Simple Guy Diet specifically, much has been written about low-carb diets. Since this diet is essentially a low-carb diet, they should work similarly. Recently, several teams of researchers reported results of their study of low-carb diets. During the six-month period, overweight test subjects lost more weight with a low-carb diet than without. It is known that replacing simple carbohydrates, like those found in white bread, with complex carbohydrates is a proven tactic for weight-loss.

Examples of The Simple Guy Diet Meals: #1

For breakfastEgg Omelette without hash browns or bacon. Flavor with pepper or hot sauce
For lunchChicken salad topped with a fat-free dressing and no croutons
For dinnerHamburger with lettuce substituted for the bun

The Simple Guy Diet book

A stubborn man's most unexpected success story

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