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The Warrior Diet

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How Does the Warrior Diet Work? The Warrior Diet is not merely a diet, it is a way of life. By combining the right type of eating regimen and exercise program, you can lose weight and build muscle faster than ever before. The diet teaches you how to undereat during the day and overeat at night. This cycle of eating was used by our primal ancestors as a means of survival. When danger was a threat during the day, individuals did not stop and eat. At night when danger was no longer a threat, individuals ate the majority of their daily calories and rested. We as humans are designed to function best with this cycle of eating.

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If you answer yes to more than 50% of the following questions, the Warrior Diet is right for you:

  • 1Do you struggle to lose weight no matter what you do?
  • 2Do you feel hungry no matter how much you eat?
  • 3Have you been unable to lose stubborn belly fat regardless of diet and exercise?
  • 4Do you feel a lack of energy throughout the day?
  • 5Do you want to gain more control over your body?
  • 6Do you crave eating more food at night?

The Warrior Diet promise to you?

The Warrior Diet is designed to help people survive better in today's crazy world. You are provided with all the knowledge and information you need to eat and exercise in a way that your body is naturally designed to do. This diet takes your basic biological needs and uses them to help you lose weight and improve your natural strength. By following the path that your primal parents lead, you will finally have the type of body you were meant to have.

The Theory and Details Behind The Warrior Diet

This diet was created by Ori Hofmekler, a man with military experience and a degree in Human Sciences. He used his knowledge of survival science and anthropology to design a program that brought us back to our roots as primal individuals. He believes that the Warrior Diet is the solution to many of our modern day physical ailments. Humans are programmed to adapt to periods of nutritional stress. Scientists believe that we all carry thrifty genes that allow us to survive when we have a lack of food, or are forced to hunt or fight. Some of these thrifty genes have been labeled Fat burning genes and Fat storing genes. When these genes are triggered, our body is better able to utilize fuel and improve our bodys ratio of fat and muscle. The Warrior Diet cycles around undereating during the day and overeating at night. The undereating phase causes our sympathetic nervous system to go into fight or flight, which increases our alertness, generates more energy, and burns more fat.

Warrior Diet Details

  1. What to Eat: Eat food that is natural and chemical free. You want to imitate that type of food someone would eat thousands of years ago when they were hunter/gatherers. Some good foods would include nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, dairy from grass fed animals, wild caught and natural fed fish and animals.
  2. When to Eat: Keep your body in sync with your internal circadian clock by eating certain foods during the day, and other foods during the night. This helps remove toxins, convert fat to energy, and allows your body to use incoming nutrients more efficiently. Scientists have discovered evidence that we are naturally nocturnal eaters, which this diet aims to replicate.
  3. How to Exercise: Exercise a minimum of 3-4 days a week, for at least 30-60 minutes. Make sure you incorporate endurance, velocity, and strength training as part of each workout.
  4. When to Exercise: You are encouraged to exercise during the day when you are under eating. This increases your body's ability to use energy and improves your overall strength.

Warrior Controlled Fatigue Training (CFT)

This training is an exercise program that teaches your body how to resist fatigue even when youre experiencing bodily stress. As you do this, you begin to improve your physical strength, power and speed. You perform different workout units that force your body into a fight or flight response. By doing this repeatedly, you will increase your level of control, balance and alertness when you need it most.

What Health Care Professionals Say About The Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet is considered controversial, even among bodybuilders. From what we could see, there are no medical studies within the mainstream media that back up the ideas behind this diet plan. Hofmekler was even known to say that the Warrior Diet is based more on his opinion than scientific research. He used his own experience and did his own research regarding history and anthropology. Despite this lack of scientific research, the diet has been shown to work for many people.

Dr. Mercola, founder of the most visited Natural Health Site, personally used the Warrior Diet with great success. He feels this diet is great for invigorating your brain and your muscles. By following this diet, Dr. Mercola was able to increase his muscle mass and decrease his bodily fat. Both of these are crucial for maintaining your ideal weight.

Examples of The Warrior Diet Meals: #1

BreakfastOne banana
LunchOne apple and a handful of almonds
DinnerFish and eggplant in curry tomato Sauce
DessertPumpkin cheesecake

Examples of The Warrior Diet Meals: #2

BreakfastOne orange
LunchA bowl of strawberries and a handful of cashews
DinnerCurry chicken in spicy tomato broth
DessertCrepe blintzes

The Warrior Diet book

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