10 Quick Exercise Tips for Kids

With kids weight becoming more serious every year, we need to help become more active with them. We as parents need to be the best example and do some activities with them. Here are a few simple ideas anyone can do with their children to promote healthy lifestyles and create fun ways to stay fit.

  • 1 Walk the Dog
    • If age permits, let your child walk the dog for a nice 20 minute walk. This is a simple act to get your childs heart rate up and muscles moving.
    2 Family Bike Ride
    • Give your child a few bike ride routes to choose and go on a bike ride with them. Making sure it fits the difficulty level for everyone and also helps create a good workout.
    3 Play Tag
    • This game has been around forever, and you can guarantee a great workout. Children playing this fun active game 3 times a week will help create a healthy workout regimen.
    4 Jump Rope
    • Create a game out of jumping rope. See who can jump rope the longest before tripping over the rope. This is a very active workout used by boxers that uses muscles throughout your whole body. Try to encourage 20 minutes 3 times a day jumping rope
    5 Car Wash
    • Washing a car is not just fun for kids during hot summer days, but it also is a great workout. From the rubbing, scrubbing, walking and washing your child will work their muscles by cleaning your car.
    6 Water Fight
    • Another fun activity for the summer with kids is a community water fight. From filling the balloons with water, tying them together or running around and throwing them at each other, they will get a great workout.
    7 Toddler Pick Up
    • For younger kids looking for a workout, try to hand items that are in need of going up or down stairs and have your child help carry them to the correct place, one item at a time. If you do not have a two story home, try to find items that need to go in drawers, shelves or under beds.
    8 Boot Camp
    • Set up an obstacle course in your yard and time who can complete it the fastest. Including things like kicking a soccer ball, running through cones, picking up sticks on the ground, or other ideas you have.
    9 Family Fun Walk
    • Find a local family fun run and include all kids. Even if it includes just walking, this will help them build energy and work their muscles.
    10 Amusement Park
    • What a great way to tire your kids out by walking around all day enjoying rides, games and activities. This will work their muscles without them knowing it.

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