11 Basketball Exercise Drills

Basketball is a great form of exercise. It is a cardio and strength building game that requires muscle memory and intense physical effort. You can increase your basketball skills and lose weight by practicing these drills.  

  • Ball Handling Drills

    1 Around Waist
    • Pass the ball around your waist as fast as you can in a clockwise direction.
    • Switch directions. Do each direction for 20-30 seconds and switch.
    2 Around Each Leg
    • Pass the ball around each thigh for 20-30 seconds.
    • Rest and repeat 5-6 times each leg.
    3 Figure 8
    • Pass the ball behind one leg then in front of the other leg.
    • Keep this figure 8 motion going as fast as you can.
  • Ball Dribbling Drills (Practice with one ball until you can do these drills effortlessly then try it

    1 Kills
    • Do 2-3 large dribbles then immediately bring your arm low and dribble the ball just a few inches from the floor.
    • Return to 2-3 large dribbles, then go back to the small ones.
    • Repeat this to improve your ball control and dribbling skills.
    2 V-Dribble
    • You can practice this exercise in front of your body or to the side of your body.
    • Face forward in the basketball ready stance.
    • Dribble the ball about waist high in a v formation back and forth in front of you or to the side with one hand.
    • Allow each hand to practice this technique separately so you build strength and agility equally.
    3 Zig-Zag Crossover
    • Get in the basketball ready stance with your knees bent and your weight on the front of your feet, your eyes should look forward (not down).
    • Dribble while moving at an angle for 2 steps.
    • Firmly plant the outside foot, swing the ball to the other hand and push off in another direction, while maintaining your constant dribble.
    • Zig-zag across the floor repeating this step.
    4 Speed Dribble
    • Make sure you have lots of room. You want to run as quickly as possible while dribbling the ball out in front of you.
    • Stay in control of the ball.
    • If you find yourself losing control then slow down.
    5 Between the Legs Dribble
    • Jog down the court.
    • Every few steps, dribble the ball between your legs to the opposite hand.
  • Shooting and Practice Drills

    1 On Handed Shot
    • Practice the correct shooting form by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, Elbow should be under the ball and pointed in the direction you want to shoot.
    • Placing one hand behind your back and using your other hand to aim and shoot.
    • Switch hands so you develop skill and strength equally. Remember to keep your eyes on the target and follow through with the shot.
    2 Chest Pass
    • You will need a partner for this drill.
    • Stand 10-12 feet apart, facing each other.
    • Stand with one foot forward, your hands at chest level with the palms facing your partner.
    • Pass the ball forcefully back and forth by taking a nice step forward and exploding the ball from your hands to your partner.
    • Partner takes a step back as they catch the pass, steps forward forcefully and uses the momentum to push the ball back. Repeat this back and forth.
    • A variation on this drill is to do a bouncing pass instead of a straight chest pass. Form and movements stay the same as the chest pass, but instead of passing the ball straight across, you will aim it down with the goal of bouncing it between you and your partner as it goes from person to person.
    3 Mikan Drill
    • Stand under the basket, step on your left foot and do a lay-up on your right side.
    • Catch the rebound, step on your right foot and do a lay-up on your left side.
    • Go back and forth practicing your lay up shot for about 5 minutes.

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