11 Exercises You've Seen on The Biggest Loser

You may have seen the popular reality television show on NBC and felt the desire to start losing your own weight. It's truly inspiring to watch the contestants battle their physical and emotional challenges as they learn to eat properly and exercise regularly. They are put through rigorous workouts with their trainers and crazy challenges that test their personal limits. When they get to the scale, the outcome of all that hard work is revealed in dramatic weight loss...most of the time. Here are some of the exercises that you may have seen used on the show.

  • 1 The Sledgehammer
    • With a giant tire laying on the floor and a sledgehammer in hand, contestants will bring the sledgehammer behind their head as far as they can go and then use all the force they can muster to slam the tire.
    2 The Medicine Ball Slam
    • Standing with your feet comfortably spaced apart and knees slightly bent, contestants will bring the medicine ball over their head as far as they can and they slam it hard on the ground in front of them.
    3 The Ropes
    • Holding two huge ropes, one end in each hand and the other ends tied off to a secure object, contestants will whip the rope up and down and back and forth trying to get as much of the rope off the ground as possible. This one will leave your arms feeling like jelly.
    4 The Dog Sled
    • Contestants wear some kind of harness loaded down with heavy weights and then use their leg and back muscles to pull it across the gym floor. You'll also see them push it across the floor to work a different set of muscles.
    5 The Human Resistance
    • The trainer will put a rope around the contestant's waist and add resistance by pulling in the opposite direction. This forces the contestant to use more muscle in order to move forward. Trainers do it while contestants run up a hill, move across a field, on the treadmill, or push the dogsled. It's a great way to increase the intensity of the exercise.
    6 The Upstairs Jump
    • Using a 10-12 inch high step, contestants will begin on the floor in front of the step and then jump onto the step. This is very hard on their legs and the added weight of their bodies provides lots of resistance.
    7 The Treadmill
    • It seems like this is one of the most used machines on The Biggest Loser. Contestants warm up on this machine and you often see the trainers increasing the speed of incline to test the strength of their team.
    8 The Rowing Machine
    • This machine works the arms, legs, and back muscles in such a way that it is very taxing on your strength. Contestants also use this machine to warm-up as well as pack a nice punch to their cardio training.
    9 The Backward Pushup
    • Getting into a crab walk position with their hands on a bench, contestants will work their triceps by lifting themselves up and down. This exercise can easily be done at home or at work. It does not require any equipment that isn't readily available.
    10 The Wall Sit
    • Get into position by standing with your back against a wall and your feet hip width apart. Lower your body into a seated position using the wall to support you. Hold it there. The trainers have contestants do this to tax their leg, butt, and ab muscles. When it gets too easy they'll have the contestants hold a weight over their head to make it more challenging.
    11 The Bike
    • This special tool was used a lot during season 11 as a teaching tool, to get warmed up and to build endurance and strength. Olivia even put one in the kitchen so she could get her workouts in-between making meals. Cycling classes have become popular and are available at most gyms.

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