5 Great Tips for Pregnancy Workouts

There are many factors to consider when starting a fitness workout during pregnancy. You have to find the balance of a great workout, with ensuring the safety of your child. Between warming up to get your blood flowing, down to the muscles groups being worked enough to build strength but not strain your body. Here are a few workouts that you can do while pregnant.

  • 1 Warm Up
    • Start off slowly walking in place for 5 minutes
    • Gradually start to increase your need of oxygen and build up your intensity
    2 Kegel
    • This is a great exercise to keep your pelvic muscles strong during and after pregancy.
    • While exhaling quickly tighten the walls of your vagina and pull up and in.
    • Hold for 3 counts then inhale as you relax
    • Complete 5 reps holding at 3 counts each
    • Repeat exercise 3 times a day
    3 Walking
    • Start off on a slow flat surface walk around a track or on a treadmill for 5 minutes
    • Now pick up the pace for the next 10 minutes adding lunges and increasing speed
    • Slow it back down to a slow walk to bring your heart rate back to normal for 5 minutes
    • Complete this workout 3 times a week
    4 Swimming
    • Get your heart rate up by slowing jogging in the water for 2 minutes
    • Now doing the Breast stroke, complete 3 laps
    • Switch to the Back Stroke, complete 3 laps
    • Slowly bring your heart rate back down by walking in place for 5 minutes
    5 Dancing
    • Start with simples dance moves to get your muscles warmed up for 5 minutes
    • Now that you're warmed up, dance your favorite moves increasing the dips, and movements
    • Make sure to pick your favorite dance music, so you are having fun while working out
    • You should complete 20 minutes of nonstop dancing 3 times a week

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