6 Week Celebrity Fitness Schedule

Get sexy just like the stars in as little as 6 weeks with this fitness program. It will burn fat and sculpt your body like no other workout youve tried and you dont need a gym or expensive training equipment. Follow this schedule alternating between circuit and cardio days and resting on Saturday and Sunday. On cardio days complete 30-45 minutes of any cardio workout you choose, anything from running to swimming to spinning. Keep it fun and interesting.|

Circuit days (C#) are filled with weight and strength training exercises that you complete one right after the other in a set. Once you finish a set, rest for 2 minutes. Repeat each set 3 times for celebrity-style results.  

  • Circuit Exercises

    1 A. Lateral Steps with Resistance Band
    • Stand with your legs hip-width apart on a resistance band so there is an even amount on each side.
    • Hold one side of the band in each hand and place your hands on your hips.
    • Slightly bend your knees. Take a step to the left with your left foot and then your right foot.
    • Repeat this 3-5 times then step to your right with your right foot then left foot.
    • Repeat 3-5 times. Do the same amount of reps in each direction to build muscle evenly.
    • Do this 2 times in each direction.
    2 B. Spiderman Lunges
    • Start by standing with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart.
    • Bend your knees as you reach down to the floor and place your hands just in front of your feet.
    • Shift your weight to your left leg as you slide your right foot behind your left, keeping the right leg straight. Left knee will bend a little more as your touch your right toes to the ground.
    • Slide your right leg back into position distributing your weight evenly on both feet and stand up straight.
    • Repeat 3 times with each foot.
    3 C. Squat Kick
    • Begin with your feet about shoulder-width apart, core tight. Step back with your left leg into a lunge position (both knees are bent).
    • Dig deep into your core and right heel as you kick your left leg up and stand straight.
    • Repeat this 3-5 times on each foot.
    4 D. Squat-n-Stretch
    • Begin by stepping on top of the resistance band, feet should be hip-width apart.
    • Leave an equal amount of resistance band on either side. Reach down and grasp one end in each hand and stand up straight.
    • Pull the resistance band ends so that your palms are level with your shoulders.
    • Putting your weight on your heels, sit back in a squat position.
    • Stand up straight and reach your arms toward the ceiling. Bring then back to your shoulders and squat.
    • Repeat 10-12 times for one set.
    5 E. Chest Press
    • Secure the middle of the resistance band to a stationary object that wont move when you pull against it.
    • Stand facing away from the object in a lunge position.
    • Hold an end of the resistance band in each hand at chest level.
    • Pull the bands away from your chest straight out in front of your body with the palms facing down.
    • Return to start position.
    • Do this 12-14 times.
    6 F. Arm Raise
    • Secure the resistance band to the top of a door frame or a tall stationary object.
    • Hold an end of the resistance band in each hand.
    • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slightly bend at the hips toward the door.
    • Hold your arms straight and in-line with your body.
    • Stand far enough away from the door that there is no slack in the resistance band.
    • Pull your arms down to chest level and slowly release.
    • Repeat 12-15 times for each set.
    7 G. Swiss Ball Plank
    • Using a swiss ball, place your forearms on the swiss ball. You can clasp your hands together for extra support.
    • Walk your feet away from the swiss ball so you are in a plank or push up position. Keep a straight back. Use your ab muscles to hold this position for 30-45 seconds. If you need to make this exercise more difficult then while in position, pivot the ball to the left then to the right in a stirring motion.
    8 H. V-ups
    • Lay flat on your back. Stretch your arms over your head so they are parallel with the floor.
    • Using your ab muscles, lift your legs off the floor and try to touch your toes with your hands.
    • You're body should form a V shape. This exercise will work your whole body.
    • Repeat this exercise 10-12 times each set.
  • 6 Week Daily Schedule

    1 Week One
    • Monday: C1
    • Tuesday: Cardio
    • Wednesday: C3
    • Thursday: Cardio
    • Friday: C1
    • Saturday: Rest
    • Sunday: Rest
    2 Week Two
    • Monday: C2
    • Tuesday: Cardio
    • Wednesday: C1
    • Thursday: Cardio
    • Friday: C2
    • Saturday: Rest
    • Sunday: Rest
    3 Week Three
    • Monday: C1
    • Tuesday: Cardio
    • Wednesday: C2
    • Thursday: Cardio
    • Friday: C1
    • Saturday: Rest
    • Sunday: Rest
    4 Week Four
    • Monday: C3
    • Tuesday: Cardio
    • Wednesday: C4
    • Thursday: Cardio
    • Friday: C3
    • Saturday: Rest
    • Sunday: Rest
    5 Week Five
    • Monday: C4
    • Tuesday: Cardio
    • Wednesday: C3
    • Thursday: Cardio
    • Friday: C4
    • Saturday: Rest
    • Sunday: Rest
    6 Week Six
    • Monday: C5
    • Tuesday: Cardio
    • Wednesday: C5
    • Thursday: Cardio
    • Friday: C5
    • Saturday: Rest
    • Sunday: Rest

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