Easy 30 Minute Step for Beginners

For a lot of women and men out there, they find step aerobics intimidating because most classes are choreographed. Sadly, most of those new to the step, are those who need it the most. Here are a couple tips and simple moves anyone can do. All you need is a step and you are able to perform this routine anywhere at any time. With these basic moves, you are able to increase the intensity by lifting your legs higher, and picking up the pace.

  • 1 Warm Up
    • Warming up is the most important thing to do when starting a new work out.
    • Try to learn and understand all the basic steps before trying them.
    • Start off with 16 counts on the right then the left.
    • Reduce the counts down to 8, 4, 2 then transition into alternating basic steps for 16 counts.
    • Start the simple reductive moves for the v-step. Moving from one corner to the others.
    2 V-Steps
    • Performing 8 counts of alternating v-steps, slowly add on 8 counts of alternating turn steps.
    • Finish off with 8 counts and do corner knees for eight counts.
    3 Jumping Jacks and Curls
    • Change it up and do alternating corner hamstring curls for 8 counts.
    • Add 4 counts of basics followed by a repeater knee to the corners.
    • After doing 8 counts of jumping jacks on the floor and hour, complete a 2 count repeater knee with a high raised knee march on the floor.
    4 Running with the Step
    • Start running up and down on the step with the right leg leading for 8 counts.
    • Repeat with the left leg leading.
    • Step tap to the corners for 8 counts and then add some front kicks for 8 counts.
    5 Cool Down
    • When cooling down change to a slower tempo and maybe try the moves that were difficult.
    • Make sure to take time to stretch the major muscle groups.

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