Fitness Games for Kids

Whether young or old, boy or girl, school age or not, almost everyone likes to play games. You as a parent, teacher, or adult can capitalize on that and help the children you know get exercise as part of play. These games are designed to get kids moving, and have a blast at the same time.

Use them to get the wiggles out of the kids in your school classroom. Try them the next time you're babysitting for a friend. Teach them to your kids when it's raining and they can't go outside to play. No matter how you use these games, they will be well received and enjoyed.

  • 1 Mix It Up
    • Have the children stand against one wall.
    • On the count of 3 yell "Go" as loud as you can and have the children run to the opposite wall and back.
    • Change the pace by giving them directions to run on their tippy toes, backwards, skip, high knees, jumping, etc.
    2 Hoopity Hoo
    • Place as many hoops on the ground in a circle as there are children playing the game.
    • Have the children move in a large circle around the hoops without touching them or the other children.
    • You can have them run, gallop, twirl, etc.. When you say Hoopity Hoo have the kids jump into the closest hoop.
    • The kids that are not in a hoop have to run and touch a far wall and return.
    • The game is then repeated.
    3 The Balloon Game
    • Give each child a balloon and have them try to keep the balloon from touching the ground any way they can.
    • You can mix it up by having them use only their head or only their feet.
    4 Double Simon Says
    • Appoint 2 children as Simon.
    • Divide the rest of the kids into 2 groups.
    • Give one group to the first Simon and the second group to the second Simon. Each group plays Simon Says: Simon gives them commands saying Simon says wiggle your toes (or whatever they want to say) and the kids do it.
    • If Simon gives them a command without saying Simon Says and the children do the command, then they have to go to the other Simon group.
    • This keeps them engaged during the entire game and they get to continue to play no matter what.
    5 Count the Bends
    • Teach the kids about their joints and how important it is to stretch, relax, and work on their flexibility by playing this game.
    • Have the kids start with their fingers and bend at every joint they can think of down to their toes.
    • Count with them how many joints they have.
    • Try to imagine what it would be like if they didn't have joints.
    6 Kids Weight Lifting Game
    • Fill two plastic bottles with small pebbles.
    • Have the kids count how many times they can lift the bottles over their head without getting tired.
    • Count how many times they can touch their toes with the bottles or lift the bottles to the sides.
    • Write down the their numbers and try this exercise the following week and see if it improves.
    7 Blanket Games
    • Using a blanket, have the children pull each other across the floor or use the blankets like a catapult to launch objects back and forth.
    • Have 2 or 3 children sit in the center of the blanket and have the other children each grab a piece of the blanket and walk around in circles creating a merry go round.

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