Get-Up-And-Go 5 Minute Workout

One of the best ways to get going in the morning is by getting in a quick workout. If you have 5 minutes, you can exercise all your major muscle groups and get your metabolism going with this simple circuit. Complete each exercise in order for about 30 seconds, then repeat a second time. Feel free to repeat more times if desired. 

  • 5 Exercise Circuit

    1 Jog in Place
    • Jog in place trying to keep your knees high in the air for 30 straight seconds. Make sure you breathe as you jog.
    2 Leg Lifts
    • Lie on your back with your hands at your sides, and legs straight.
    • Raise both legs in the air towards the ceiling, keeping them straight as you go.
    • Lower them back to the ground and repeat a total of 10 times.
    • Make sure your back stays on the ground throughout the process.
    3 Pelvic Lift
    • Lie face up with your feet flat on the floor, knees bent and arms stretched out to the sides.
    • Raise your hips until your body makes a straight line between your shoulders and knees. Hold for 5 seconds, then lower and return to starting position.
    • Repeat 5 times.
    4 Push Up
    • Get in a push up position. Bend your elbows and lower your body down until your chin almost touches the ground.
    • Push up straightening your arms with enough force that your hands actually leave the floor. Allow your hands to land back on the ground and repeat the process again.
    • Do 8-10 reps.
    5 Sit Up
    • While lying on your back, bend your knees as you keep your feet on the floor.
    • Raise your upper body towards the ceiling and touch your knees with your palms. Lower down and repeat a total of 20 times.

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