Great Indoor Exercises with Kids During Winter

During the warm months, it's easy to go outside and gets kids moving on bikes, scooters, playing tag, swimming, or hiking. As the weather turns cold, and we're forced to spend more time indoors, it's harder to find ways to keep kids active and exercising.

Here are three different indoor activities you can do with kids that will keep them entertained, busy, and get their heart rates up. As you regularly keep your kids moving and busy, you'll find they're more well behaved, and sleep better at night.


  • 1 Performance Act
    • Create a circus act involving hula hooping, juggling, and jump roping (If ceilings permit) This will get the kids bodys moving and active even if staying indoors.
    2 Video Games
    • Put away the normal games, and pull out the Dancing game such as dance dance revolution or something similar.
    • Get involved with the music and workout with the songs and dance moves with the game. Just because you are indoors, you can still sweat a little bit.
    • You can find other games to rotate with such as sports games you have to use your actual body to control like with the XBOX Kinect games called Kinect Sports that includes a variety of physically active sports games to all play indoor.
    3 Dance Party
    • Something as simple as grabbing a fun kids cd might get the kids moving indoors. Create a dance party in your living room, dancing and moving nonstop for 3 whole songs, breaking with one song in between if needed.
    • Have the kids choose their favorite songs to help motivate them to get moving.

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