Is Exercise Equipment Hiding in your House?

Do you ever with you had a gym so you could use all their fancy equipment to get in a good workout? What if I told you there were regular things lying around you house that could give you a great full body workout? Once you know what to look for, you'll see possible exercise equipment everywhere you look. Here is a list of 5 things you can use around the house to exercise every major muscle group in your body, raise your heart beat, and get on some good healthy sweat.

  • 1 Milk Gallon Weights
    • You don't need dumbbells around your house to perform weight lifting exercises. If you have a gallon of milk, it can serve as a great form of dumbbell.
    • Stand with feet shoulder width apart, one gallon of milk in each hand.
    • Raise both gallon towards your shoulders, keeping your elbows against your body.
    • Lower down and repeat 9 more times.
    • Complete 3 total rounds.
    • You can also modify the movement by doing one arm at a time.
    2 Chair Dips
    • If you have a chair, high coffee table, or bench, you can do triceps dips.
    • Stand in front of a chair, bench or couch. Bend your knees and reach your arms back until your rest your palms on the chair.
    • At this point, your thighs should be parallel with the ground.
    • Bend your elbows and lower your body down, keeping your elbows facing behind you. Raise back up again and repeat a total of 10 times.
    • Complete 3 circuits.
    3 Junior Jump Rope
    • If you have a kid with a jump rope, this can be a great exercise tool. Grab the jump rope and jump for 30 seconds straight, any way you like.
    • Repeat this 4 more times for 5 full rounds.
    • Once you feel comfortable with 30 second increments, go up to 45 or 60 second increments.
    4 Bouncy Ball Lift
    • Grab any bouncy ball, basketball, or other type of ball you have lying around your house and lay flat on the ground with the ball between your legs.
    • Grab the ball with your feet and lower legs, then lift the ball towards the ceiling, then back down again. Keep your back flat throughout the movement.
    • Do this 10 times for each round, and complete 3 rounds.
    5 Table Top Dips
    • If you have a kitchen table, end table or other table that sits against a wall, or is very stable, you can use it to work you chest and upper body.
    • Stand about 3 feet away from the table, then reach out and put both hands on the surface.
    • As you keep your body straight, bend your elbows and lower down like you're doing a push up. Straighten your arms and repeat 7 more times.
    • Complete 3 rounds of 8 reps each.

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