Kid's Superhero Workout

With childhood obesity on the rise it is increasingly important for our kids to exercise on a consistent basis. Some may do better with structured workout routines while others prefer physical playtime.  No matter the approach, it needs to be fun for your child. 

Parents can make exercise fun, in fact, it's their job!  Parents are the most influential factor in a child's success. It is crucial that parents find the motivation that works best for their child.  A child's imagination can be a fantastic tool. These exercises are designed to excite a child's imagination.

  • 1 Flying Superhero
    • The child lies on the floor, stomach-down. They outstretch their arms and legs, lifting them off the floor. Hold for 12 seconds and release.
    2 Spiderman Crawl
    • For this one, you will need a little more space. Begin in the standard push-up position, elevating the body with hands and feet touching the floor. Crawl by moving one hand and the opposite leg forward at the same time. For example, move your left hand and right foot forward at the same time, then the right hand with left leg (like climbing a ladder). If you are limited on space, after moving forward one cycle, move backward to your starting position using the same motion.
    3 Batman Squat Jumps
    • Start in a squatted position, like a gargoyle or Batman overlooking Gotham City. Jump into the air, throw your arms out like you are spreading your cape and land back in the squatted position.
    4 The Flash Sprints
    • Set-up a starting line and a finish line 15 yards away. Have the child wait for the go signal (could be a cry for help to assist the superhero fantasy), when they will burst across the start line, race to the finish line, turn around and run back to the start line.

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