Kids Yoga

Yoga is a great way to start teaching your children the importance of exercising and being aware of their body. Because each Yoga pose is named after an animal or object, it is easy for children to remember and enjoy the postures. You can use the names of the poses to tell a story and have the children act out the story in their poses.

Try making up other stories that incorporate Yoga poses. You can change up the names of the poses to cater to the story you tell.

  • 1 Tree Pose
    • Introduce them to Tree pose by having them place their left foot either below or above their knee, pressing the bottom of their foot into their leg. Have them raise their branches toward the ceiling and spread them wide.
    • Have them connect with their tree friends by placing their palms against the palms of their neighbors. Using one another as support.
    2 Mountain Pose
    • Move right into Mountain pose by having them drop their foot back to the ground and stretching their arms up over their head.
    3 Rag Doll Pose
    • Drop down to Rag Doll pose by bending at the hips and have them place their hands on the ground. Lunge back into Lizard pose and stick out their tongue.
    • Have the kids bring their other leg back to match their first into Plank or Stick pose, trying to stay straight as a board.
    4 Snake Pose
    • Lower the body to the ground and prop up your head and chest into Snake pose. Slither your tongue in and out like a snake and hiss.
    5 Corpse Pose
    • Roll onto your back and relax into Corpse pose. Breathe in and out slowly and let each muscle loosen.

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