Pregnancy Water Workout

Swimming is a low impact exercise that can be very beneficial while you are pregnant. It is easy on your back and legs allowing you to move almost effortlessly and relieving a lot of the strain that is felt while carrying a baby.

These exercises have been developed to help you prepare your body for labor and delivery as well as keep your body in good shape so your recovery time after delivery will be shortened. They should be done in water that is chest high and you will need a noodle and water shoes to keep you from slipping. Remember to check with your doctor before you begin any exercise program. If you feel any pain while working out, stop immediately. These exercises should be done in chest high water.

  • 1 Wall Crunches 10-12 reps
    • Hold onto the side of the pool with both hands. Let your body float to the surface of the water so your belly is facing the pool bottom and your legs are straight out behind you.
    • Contract your ab muscles and bring your knees into your chest. Hold this pose for 2-3 seconds then release and let your legs float back to the starting position.
    2 Scissor Walk 10-12 reps
    • Stand tall with your back straight and your shoulders back. Bounce up and bring your left leg forward and your right leg backward, scissor style.
    • At the same time, swing your arms in the opposite direction as the feet. This is the scissor walk.
    • Give this 10-12 repetitions before moving to the next exercise.
    3 Bouncing Cross 10-12 reps each leg
    • Stand with your feet hip-width apart, back straight and abs contracted. Allow your arms to float out in front of your body.
    • Start with your right leg, swing it to the right then in front of the left foot as you bounce in the water. Move your arms in the opposite direction as your feet.
    • Switch feet and repeat.
    4 Frog Stretch 10-12 reps
    • Thread a noodle underneath your arms and lean back so it supports your body. Bring your legs up to the waters surface and form a frog position with your feet together and your knees apart and bent so they stick out to the sides of your body.
    • Slowly straighten your legs, pushing yourself through the water. Return to the frog position and repeat. Inhale as you bring your legs into your body, exhale as you straighten them out.
    5 Easy Sit Ups 10-12 reps
    • Use a noodle for support by threading it under your arms and leaning back. Keep your feet on the floor of the pool.
    • Contract your ab muscles and bring both feet to the water surface, bending at the hips.
    • Hold for 2-3 seconds and then slowly bring them back to the pool floor.
    6 Treading Lunge 10-12 reps each leg
    • Standing on your left foot, swing your left leg back as far as you can without going underwater. Keep your back and shoulders straight.
    • Allow your arms to float to your sides. Swing your arms back and forth from the sides of your body to the front of your body, skimming the surface of the water. Switch legs and repeat.

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