Resistance Band Shoulder Showdown

Building upper body muscles is crucial to overall strength training. Concentrate on individual muscle groups to get the best results. These exercises are designed to help you build strong shoulders. Don't be intimidated if you haven't worked your shoulders much. Push through and do these exercises, it will help you tremendously in supporting other workouts.

  • Shoulder Showdown

    1 Overhead Press
    • Stand on the middle of a band (or use two, depending on the length) and hold the opposite ends in each hand at shoulder level.
    • Stand tall with glutes and abs braced, and press overhead.
    • Repeat 8-10 times.
    2 Straight Pull
    • Stand on bands and hold the opposite ends. Raise the bands in front of your body to shoulder height.
    • Repeat 10-12 times.
    3 Cross Pull
    • Stand on band and hold other end with opposite hand.
    • Keeping your arm straight, pull straight to your side to shoulder height.
    • Repeat 10-12 times.

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