Water Fitness for Kids

Most kids love to swim all summer long. What's better than being in the water on a hot summer day? As a parent, you can help your kids get a great workout while still having fun. The next time you take your kids swimming, try a one of the activities listed below. We also threw in one winter activity just for fun!

  • 1 Sprinting, Jogging, or Skiing
    • Put on a flotation device, then swim to the deep end. Now sprint, jog or ski together for one full minute. Do this two or three times total.
    • If you want to add more action, race each other from one end of the pool to the other by jogging as fast as you can.
    • You'll be surprised by how hard your muscles have to work.
    2 Water Basketball or Volleyball
    • Organize a pool volleyball or basketball game with a group of your child's friends and their parents. You can buy volleyball nets and basketball hoops designed for pools at most department stores like Wal-Mart and Target.
    • If you don't have one of these, you can always make one from whatever you have around your house. Be creative!
    3 Big Hill Slip and Slide
    • If you or a friend lives on a big hill, build a gigantic slip and slide out of a tarp or plastic sheet. Once the slide is secure, place a water hose at the top and get ready to slide.
    • Kids will have so much fun sliding down, they won't even realize the great work out they're getting by running to the top of the hill each time.
    4 Big Hill Snow Sledding
    • At first glance, sledding is not a water activity, but considering the fact that melted snow is water, we threw this one in as well. Before it snows, stake out a steep hill nearby that would work for sledding. Once the snow comes, gather up your kids head outside.
    • Encourage them to go down the hill as much as they want. They'll have so much fun sledding down, they'll forget how hard they have to work to climb back up.
    • They'll also get a great weight workout from hauling their sledding devices around.

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