heavyhands 1lb UniPac Red


HeavyHands offers 1 lb red hand weights that can add detail to your daily workout routine. These durable fitness weights provide a comfortable grip and stylishly sleek shape that is very easy to hold as you move.

  • Red Handle Color
  • Compact Size for Added Safety
  • Comfortable Weight Grip
  • 1 lb Weight for Lighter Workouts
  • Convenient to Store
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HeavyHands red hand weights are available in a lighter 1 lb size for a gentler workout. Use for a few minutes or extend your workout for a more vigorous experience. Each weight can be cradled comfortably in each hand. The sleek design makes it easy to hold and support each weight when moving in various positions.

Each hand strap can be adjusted to suit the users fist size. Increase hand and wrist strength while toning and shaping arms by adding these basic 1 lb hand weights to your regular exercise routine. Stores easily in almost any small container or closet.

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